2014 Waterloo Regional

For what it’s worth: I think this is the highest BBQ/SAUCE any event has ever had, primarily thanks to 254 bringing their collection to join 1114 and 2056’s.

In all the BBQ/SAUCE threads in the past, I haven’t noticed any BBQs >= 2.

Well, when we had a robot running (Silly RSL light!) :rolleyes:
Thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile:

Just a small correction, which I am sure you already know but just forgot to mention. 1114 Has won their championship division a total of 3 times ('08, '10, '12). I guess they are due in 2014 then huh? :smiley:

I wish everyone would give BBQ analysis when they post things like this.

Huh. It seems I did miss that. I wrote that post three times due to accidentally leaving the page while collecting the stats. One second while I fix it.

With this much BBQ/SAUCE, teams better bring their A-game

Here on Team 254, we have developed the Basic Robot Information, Strengths, and Kryptonite Evaluation Toolkit (BRISKET) to help scout a robot’s capabilities and exploitable weaknesses among this distinguished field of teams. Because quantitative metrics aren’t the be-all and end-all this year, we also utilize Polled Pool Of Robot Kids (Polled PORK) to combine all of our scouts’ qualitative observations after all of the matches are finished.

As we all know, at the end of the day you need to come up with the strongest possible pick list in order to pull out the “W”. This is where we turn to our patent-pending Typecasted Robots we Intend To Immediately Pick (TRITIP) list, where each class of robot is stack-ranked against all the others at the competition.

We firmly believe that our BRISKET, Polled PORK, and TRITIP will form an unbeatable combination. Top that all off with the awesome BBQ/SAUCE at this event, and I think we have the recipe for something special.

For what its worth:

The formula for the BBQ and SAUCE of a fixed event with the same set of 1-regional teams is:

BBQ = (4N)/T
SAUCE = (4

Where N = the number of years the event has run and T = number of teams.

For Waterloo, this would result in a BBQ and SAUCE of 1.333 (as its a 30 team event, started in 2005).

In other words, there are roughly 3 times as many blue banners in attendance at Waterloo 2014 as Waterloo has ever generated.

Not the best place to discuss statistics, but since the intention of the SAUCE statistic is to gauge recent success of the teams at a regional using blue banners, shouldn’t Npre-2005 actually be Npre-2011 or 2010 by now? We could call it the Regional Iota Banner, or RIB for short.

Just saying this to make 781 sound more awesome.

Billfred get in here and teach these boys about some sauce.

Edit: I’m excited to see my pre-season prediction come to fruition.

Additionally, 86 of the 117 Banners coming to Waterloo are held by 3 teams (1114, 254, 2056). Together, the three of them account for 73.5% of Waterloo’s BBQ.

Without them, the BBQ of the rest of the event is: 1.148

Jared, stop making me hungry. Waterloo isn’t exactly in a region known for delicious barbecue…

Would you prefer the Finalist Uniform Difficulty Gauging Evaluation (FUDGE)? I propose FUDGE gives 6pts to Championship Winner, 5pts to Championship Finalist, 4pts to Division Winner, 3pts to Division Finalist 2pts to Regional Winner, and 1pt to Regional Finalist, sum and divide by teams.

I think the proper metric to use here would be Performance Of Upper-quartile in Tournament Intervals of Near Equality (POUTINE). Each team receives a point for each event they were in the #1 or #2 seeded alliances in eliminations.

Our machine shop actually got in trouble (deservedly) last year for barbecuing at Waterloo…

Hey there, not all hope is lost. I would love to get a barbecue going the days of the Regional. There are a couple in residence that I know of.

I thought Jared was letting us in on a little secret about the Waterloo region, I almost booked my flight just to get some Canadian BBQ; oh, and to watch robots of course.

Sounds like fun. Can I come?

I’m not really into this number analysis stuff,

but I do know good BBQ. I would have to say the Dallas Regional will have the best BBQ of Week 3. ::rtm::

The BBQ/SAUCE stated is a little bit inflated. If you look at Billfred’s original post he states he uses 2005 era as a starting point in 2008 because 2008 was the last year of high school members who were around in 2005. I say update the BBQ/SAUCE for this competition with 2011-2013 as seniors this year were freshmen in 2011.

Though the BBQ/SAUCE mentioned is incredibly amazing and definitely shows how hard this competition, and competition in Canada as a whole, is going to be this year.

BBQ is independent of the year.

SAUCE is the only one that would change.

Billfred’s post defines SAUCE as starting from 2005, because that’s the year we switched to 3v3, hence, Sextuple Advancement Uniform Counting Era. When he coined the term in 2008, it happened to coincide with being the year that Seniors (Gr12) would have been freshmen (Gr9).

I can see an argument though, that a four-year rolling version of SAUCE could be of value. Perhaps BRIQUETTE, the Banner Ratio Indexed to Quadrenniums of Unified Education Total Talent Estimation.

1x 25-time Regional Winner (254) [16 since 2005] [6 since 2011]
1x 22-time Regional Winner (1114) [21 since 2005] [8 since 2011]
1x 17-time Regional Winner (2056) [17 since 2005] [9 since 2011]
1x 3-time Regional Winner (781) [2 since 2005] [2 since 2011]
3x 2-time Regional Winner (771, 865, 1305) [865 only has 1 since 2005] [0 since 2011]
7x 1-time Regional Winner (1241, 1285, 1334, 2609, 2702, 3756, 4069) [1285, 1334, 2702, 3756, 4069 since 2011]
1x 4-time Championship Division Winner (254) [3 since 2005] [1 since 2011]
1x 3-time Championship Division Winner (1114) [3 since 2005] [1 since 2011]
1x 2-time Championship Division Winner (2056) [2 since 2005] [1 since 2011]
2x 1-time Championship Division Winner (781, 1241) [both since 2011]
3x 1-time Championship Winner (254, 1114, 1241) [254, 1241 since 2011]
2x Championship Chairman’s Award Winner (254, 1114) [254 was in 2004] [1114 in 2012]
1x 6-time RCA Winner (1114) [6 since 2005] [2 since 2011]
1x 4-time RCA Winner (1305) [4 since 2005] [2 since 2011]
2x 3-time RCA Winner (771, 1241) [3 each since 2005] [2 each since 2011]
2x 2-time RCA Winner (254, 781) [254:0, 781:2 since 2005] [254:0, 781:2 since 2011]
1x 1-time RCA Winner (2056) [1 since 2005] [1 since 2011]

49 Blue Banners since 2011

BRIQUETTE = 1.6333

That means that in the last 4 years, the teams going to Waterloo have earned more than 3 times the Banners generated at Waterloo in that time.