2014 Webcasts

I started a Thread on the TBA forum but got very little traction.

**Week 1 is right around the corner and we have Zero webcasts submitted on TBA. ** :eek:

Please submit your webcast on TBA,

There are updated instructions on how to webcast if you need help.

If there is not a webcast for your event posted, please ask your regional coordinator or reply to the thread.

How can we submit Watch FIRST Now?

I have submitted the Lake Superior Regional one: Week 2

Anyone know if there are webcasts for ?

Center Line
MAR Mt Olive

Mt. Olive should be live here one the time has come.

I think the Michigan events are at http://www.coderedrobotics.com/webcast/. (bit hard to tell since the sponsors are running past currently)

On TBA Alamo is showing Central Illinois webcast… anybody else having this problem?

I am, too. Anyone have a solution?

Same here

This link is working for Alamo - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/south-super-regional-frc-championship

TBA is currently looking at {“type”: “ustream”, “channel”: “7352004”}] trying to figure out what’s the correct channel, and if it’s something code related or it’s just an incorrect channel. http://www.thebluealliance.com/webcasts

The michigan casts are here: http://www.coderedrobotics.com/webcast/
I didn’t post them because I’m not sure which is which.

Also that is an alamo stream from an old year. Here is the actual one: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/south-super-regional-frc-championship

Is it just me or are we lacking audio?

no audio for me…

No audio yet

The livestream for Mt Olive can be found here

FiM - Southfield District = http://www.twitch.tv/firstinmichigan
(Full Field View)


Is there anyone that can change the alamo link? It seems like a problem that we can only submit one especially if someone makes an error.

Alamo is showing a screenshot of the PC running the software. Is there a way to only show the video?

It has great quality.


Thank you so much!