2014 Wisconsin Regional

60 teams this year, looking to be one of, if not the toughest regionals this year.

2826 is excited to return again and we are looking to improve on our success from Northern Lights this past weekend and qualify for Championships.

To aid in scouting I have created a google doc of all the teams attending. I am only asking for a picture and/or a video of your robot. If you feel like giving more info feel free to add more info to the document.

2014 Wisconsin Regional robot pictures

4 of the teams on that list may have had a fun day down in Winnebago yesterday :slight_smile: (and a DELICIOUS lunch)

Needless to say, I’m really excited. This regional is going to be a heavy hitter. 9 more days!

How was the get together Josh? I really wanted to go! I did end up seeing some video from Arthur, but I wish I would have been there! I hear everybody was doin’ awesome. I’ll see you in Milwaukee!

The Hilltoppers are looking forward to one of the deepest Regionals in FRC. Wisconsin might not have the most teams, but the Wisconsin Regional draws some of the best. Good luck everyone!

Had a blast at Superior this past weekend.
Big thanks to our finalist partners 3883 and 3313 and a great big congrats to the winning alliance 3692 3018 and 2052.
Making some improvements for Milwaukee and coming to play hard.
If Milw is anything like Duluth, BUILD A RESILIENT ROBOT.
It was a HARD hitting battle up in Duluth.
CYA in Milw.

This regional keeps getting more and more stacked each year. If the eliminations at Lake Superior were exciting, I wonder how epic the finals in Milwaukee will be.

(1306 photo added to spreadsheet.)

Should be a ton of fun as usual! 537 is looking forward to it.

We have a plethora of regional finalists that will be attending milwaukee and at leasst two engineering inspiration awards winners (MORE Robotics and STEMpunk.) I’m sure the trophey count is a lot higher. I might try compliling a list if I have time tonight.

From Central Illinois alone, attending Wisconsin regional will be 3 regional finalists and 1 regional winner.

Should be a fun regional this year… :wink:

We should add a column to the spread sheet for awards won!

Yeah that was awesome Bruce!!! Can’t believe our teams ended up against each other in the finals, and knew those last 3 matches were going to be extremely hard fought and could go either way.

See you in a couple weeks!

With 2 weeks done 34 of 60 robots competing at Wisc have done there 1st regional.
We have 3 regional winnerwildcards 4296 from CIR, 3018 & 3692 from L/S
5 Finalist 2039, 171, 4143 from CIR 2826 FROM N/L 706 @ L/S
6 Teams semi finalist 2081 @ CIR 876, 2512 @N/L 537, 48 @ CROSSROADS, 192 @ HUB
8 Quarter finalist 167, 2481, 1736 @ CIR 269, 1259 @ N/L 1714, 93 @ L/S 2202 @ Cross
or 22 out of 34 teams made it to elimination rounds

some very good robots were not picked for elimination rounds but will be ready to roll @ Wisc

Added a video for 537 to the spreadsheet, just a match from Crossroads.
If anyone has questions about our robot, feel free to ask me.
Can’t wait for this year’s regional! Should be a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

Just a few short days 'til it’s time to get our assist on, once again! As always, we’re excited to be attending and competing with all the usual suspects. IMO, Wisconsin is one of the most overlooked and underrated regionals in the FRC circuit by the community at large, and this year is even more stacked with some awesome new faces. The Roboteers are looking forward to tossing that big ball around with all of you as the robot revolution takes over Milwaukee, yet again! Best of luck to everyone and we’ll see you all in a couple short days!

I noticed our reveal video is already in the doc, but here’s a link to one of our matches from CIR to add to the list:

The NCAA basketball tourney 1st and 2nd rounds will be playing Thursday and Saturday next door in the Bradley center. Parking could be difficult for visitors if they come late either day. Make sure you let your friends and family know to arrive early if they want to park close.

This is very true. It is too bad that it will be overlooked again with much of the attention being drawn to 254-1114-2056 at Waterloo. If people want a good prediction of how the championship will play out, Wisconsin, not Waterloo, is the event to watch. With a field of 60 teams, roughly 40 of which have already competed, there will be some very capable robots watching Saturday afternoon.

Does anyone have the link the webcast?

The Midwest vs Wisconsin regional scale has been tipping over the last few years. Wisconsin is definitely going to be a killer event.

There are a bunch of awesome teams (besides 1675) also making their debuts here… and I have to say that some of the ones I’ve seen are definitely scary :eek: .

Someone added it to the list already, but we whipped up a robot video over the weekend. Meet Charles Xavier / Professor X.

GRT will be meeting at the school at 3:50 AM Wednesday to get to our flight. It should be a great event. See you there.:slight_smile:

Make sure you guys bring jackets! I’m seeing 40’s for the rest of the week. Sweater weather for us after the winter we just went through, but might be a little chilly for you guys :wink:

Also Milwaukee looks pretty gross right now since all the snow melted last week, hopefully a light rainshower comes through to at least pretty it up a little.

Chicago needs a good soaking to clean up the mess.

Also our load in peeps(me and others) get to leave for Wisconsin at 5:30am. I am so excited but not for that. :rolleyes: