2014 Woodie Flowers Award Recipients

I would like to congratulate the Week 1 Woodie Flowers recipients.
Jan Newendorp Team 525 Central Illinois
James Bryan Team 4451 Palmetto
Scott McMahon Team 2468 Alamo
Rob Stehlik Team 610 Greater Toronto
[FONT=Verdana]David Voracek Team 399 Inland Empire


I had the enormous privilege of meeting Dave Voracek for the first time this weekend. Coaching with him was an absolute blast. Dave absolutely deserved this WFFA and really should have won it years ago! Congrats Dave, you have a lot to be proud of! You give young mentors like myself something to aspire to.


James Bryan was so elated to be presented the award by Woody

Congratulations to Brandon Padgett from team 16 for winning at the Arkansas Regional.

Congratulations to Ken Collins from team 2485 for winning at the San Diego regional.

Congratulations to Eli Barak from team 2630 for winning at the Israeli Regional :slight_smile:

Thuvishan Rajagulasingam from team 1241 @ GTR East who at 20 may possibly be the youngest Woodie Flowers award winner ever!

Week Two Woodie Awardees. Congratulations everyone.
Eli Barak Team 2630 at Israel Regional
Thuvishan Rajagulasingam Team 1241 AT GTE
[FONT=Arial]Brandon Padgett Team 16 at Arkansas Regional
[/FONT]Ken Collins at San Diego Regional
Gregg Rupp Team 1108 at Crossroads Regional
Sean Lenhardt Team 3184 at Lake Superior Regional
Phil Norris Team 2512 at Northern Lights Regional
George Tan Team 1817 at Hub City Regional
Alfredo Alvear Team 870 at Central Valley Regional

Brandon lost his dad suddenly this morning. Thankfully his parents were in attendance at Arkansas with his wife and kids when he won the WFFA. Please keep them all in your prayers.

So very well deserved. Great mentor to so many of us. One I consider a mentor to FRC 2468 and myself.

So sorry to hear about his family loss.

Thank you! It was such an honor!

Congratulations to Week Three Woodie Flowers recipients.
Gildardo Mariano Team 2283 at Mexico City
Robert Greene Team 3250 At Sacremento
Maribel Barea Team 4013 at Orlando
Gavin Wood Team 1939 at Kansas City
Tom Wendel Team 2408 at St. Louis
Rich Coutant Team 2059 at North Carolina
Paul Schoch Team 1493 at New York Tech Valley
Allen Gregory IV Team 3847 at Dallas
[FONT=Arial]Gary Koerzendorfer Team 2643 at Utah

Just a chip off the ol’ block. I know his daddy is very proud.

Very well deserved.

Definite Woodie material if I was ever asked.

Thank you both, it means a lot to hear it from people who you respect in the community.

Congratulations to all the other WFFA winners this year.

Congratulations Mr. Gregory on your WFFA! Meeting you, and having our robot inspected by you in Arkansas was one great time! Sorry we kinda extended the process with our 5 minute tank fill time… :slight_smile: Congratulations again!

On to the Week Four Woodie list…
Matthew Alderson Team 4039 at Waterloo
Simon Lajoie Team 3382 at Montreal
Tom Saxon Team 2478 At Arizona
Lucas Pacheco Team 207 at LA
Mike Taylor Team 1529 at Boilermaker
Scott Scheffler Team 378 at Buckeye
Dave Cohen Team 384 at Virginia
Richard Oakes Team 2202 at Wisconsin

Congratulations to all and also to their students for a great job on the nominations.

Here is the list from Week 5. I am always honored to be part of the presentation but working a double event (Minnesota) gets two for the price of one. Congratulations everyone.

Pat Decker Team 1334 At North Bay Regional
Richard Sims Team 1683 At Peachtree
Luan Heimlich Team 3132 at Hawaii
Craig Simon Team 2232 At 10,000 Lakes
James Irvine Team 2175 at NorthStar
Brian Cholerton Team 1468 At SBPLI
Justin Montois Team 340 At Finger Lakes
Andrew Bruening Team 3324 At Queen City
Vincent Liao Team 3660 At Oklahoma
Greg Christman Team 48 at Pittsburgh
Lonnie Love Team 3824 at Smoky Mountains
[FONT=Verdana]John Ballou Team 1418 at Greater DC

Sorry for the delay, here is week 6 recipients…

Paul McDonough Team 2994 at Western Canada
Greg Phillips Team 1114 at Windsor Essex
Annette Lane Team 3256 at Silicon Valley
John Rigsby Team 1619 at Colorado
James Comstock Team 179 at South Florida
Bob Davis Team 695 at Midwest
Shelly Gaydos Team 2080 at Bayou
Joseph Shapiro Team 2377 at Chesapeake
Jennifer Stensrud Team 987 at Las Vegas
[FONT=Arial]Colin McCarty Team 1884 at New York City
[/FONT]Les Ruthven Team 2587 at Lone Star

Congratulations to all and to their students.

Lori Gleason Team 67 MSC Champs
David Pechter Team 2016 at Mid-Atlantic Champs
Sandra Brino Team 195 At new England Champs
Tom Blank Team 488 At PNW Champs

Congratulations to everyone who has been honored in 2014 and soon to the World Champs recipient. Good Luck everyone.