2014 wpilib netbeans plugin and 2014 Crio Image ?

I’m trying loadup a working 2014 Java development lib complete with the ability to reimage the Crio to try to get a demo robot working again. I think I have found everything except a 2014 WPIlib plugin and a Crio Image. Anyone know where to get them ? I presume the current wpilib for roborio is not compatible.

Here is the 2014 cRIO image.
It comes in the 2014 FRC Update (Driver Station, cRIO Imaging Tool, etc.).

It looks like there is an issue with the index page for the Netbeans plugins, but they are still there if you do the online install.

If you really need to do offline, you can save the files with these links:

Instructions are still on the 2014 WPILib documentation: http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/3120/m/7885/l/79405-installing-the-java-development-tools

Its not obvious to me, are these the 2014 Crio targeted or 2015 Roborio targeted plugins ? If they are 2015, do you know for certain they will work with 2014 hardware ?

Thanks everyone

They are 2014 plugins for Netbeans and the 2014 instructions on how to install them. The 2015 plugins are for Eclipse and will not work with the cRIO.

LabVIEW is backward compatible to run 2015 s/w on a 4-slot cRIO (not an 8-slot that has less memory).

C++ has a backward compatible capability developed by Jeff Downs here: New tool for C++ Programming for old cRIOs

Java isn’t backwards compatible because the old cRIOs only supported Squawk JVM, while the 2015 is Java 8 SE embedded.