2015 Animation?

Just wondering when we should expect the full rules and prompt for the 2015 competition. #116

This last saturday.

Game Manual

Game Animation

Go build a robot!

EDIT: I now realize that you meant the animation competition. My apologies. Dlavery, anything to say about this?

I think his is talking about Team 116’s Animation Competition.


For those waiting on the Animation Competition details, information about major changes will be out very soon.

Thank you for everyone’s patience! We are happy to announce the new USA Animation Award which is now presented in partnership with AutomationDirect! Make sure to read the new rules posted under our 2015 Animation Competition Page. Good luck to all the teams and make sure to contact us with any questions you have at our animation email.

This year, AutomationDirect is supplying prizes for the winners so make sure to check out the rules for more details!

Hopefully the animation team members are still reading Chief Delphi, or their teammates are letting them know that this year they have a HUGE chance of helping out their larger team in the following season.

In case most teams didn’t follow the link to the 2015 Animation Competition details yet, this year there are 3 big winners, with 5 honorable mentions for a combined total of $2000 worth of store credit at AutomationDirect.com waiting to be won!

Technical Award: $1000 store credit for use at AutomationDirect.com
Creative Award: $500 store credit for use at AutomationDirect.com
Judges Award: $250 store credit for use at AutomationDirect.com
Honorable Mentions (5): $50 store credit for use at AutomationDirect.com

Videos are due April 4th, so plenty of time to create your team’s rendition of “A bug starts a chain of events that eventually leads to the robot uprising.