2015 Arkansas Rock City Regional

The venue for the 2015 Arkansas Rock City Regional will be the Barton Coliseum in Little, AR. The new venue will have more room for teams and will be closer to the interstates in central AR. The event will have a much larger capacity than last year. The event dates are March 4-7, 2015. Please ask any questions here!

Here’s a photo album of the venue, including some pictures of John Novak inspecting: http://meredith.smugmug.com/FIRST-Robotics/Barton-Coliseum/42958228_S8sLwD#!i=3390663717&k=Vrt2D87

Little Rock has a newly renovated downtown with a market district, numerous restaurants, and a trolley system connecting downtown to the nearby Clinton Presidential Library. Little Rock is certainly the most fitting home for the Arkansas Rock City Regional event.


Spectrum is planning to make a return to Arkansas this year. We had a blast in 2013 and we’re excited to see the new venue.


Looks like a great venue! Team 1208 plans to attend!

We’re hoping to register for this once 2nd regional registration opens. The venue looks awesome!

The move to a larger venue is going to allow a lot of growth. We are very excited about this opportunity. We currently have five different states competing at the Rock City Regional, and I know there will be more signing up now and second round. Team 3937 is pumped to be able to compete in this home regional again with some outstanding teams.

If 3397 is able to do a second regional, this is probably the one we will do.

Hope we can do it, it seems like a great time.

Team 935 is attending:yikes:

1939 is planning to sign up for Arkansas Rock City as soon as second event registration opens up. It will be good to see our friends down there again.

Looking forward to the new venue too. Looks cool!

Officially registered.

Arkansas looks to have gotten very deep this morning

Just from a quick glance we have
16, 359, 418, 935, 1108, 1208. 1625, 1939, 1986, 2451, 2481, 3284, & 3937

That’s a pretty stacked event if I have ever seen one, can’t wait.

4329 is registered for Arkansas officially. Like Allen said, this event just got stacked! Good to see some of the St. Louis & Illinois teams heading down there as well. Plus the Hawaiian Kids!

Just got the email that we’re making the 16+hr drive. Can’t wait!

1939 is so excited about Arkansas this year! What a field of teams! Im looking forward to seeing what teams snag the remaining slots. Could make for an even more exciting field.

1706 - The Ratchet Rockers are now signed up. We enjoyed this regional so much fun last year we just had to join the fun again.

Looks like Hawaiian Kids probably won’t be on the slate for Rock City. They are going to the Australia event, Glen said if Australia doesn’t work out then they will come join us in Little Rock.

My family has made the trip to your place. It’s not terrible. Excited to see teams from Canada in Arkansas!

Winnovation FRC 1625 is heading to Arkansas this year. Looking forward to seeing some old friends and making a lot of new friends!

2015 Rock City Regional: Pre-Season Scouting Sheet

Over the past few weeks I’ve been slowly chipping away at making a pre-season scouting sheet for each event our team is attending. I’ve finally finished it up and figured I’d share it so others can use it as well.

Included in the sheet is basic team information (Team #, Name, Location, Years Experience), Attending Midwest (our other regional), 2014 Performance (Each regional seed and elimination finish, Championship seed and elimination finish with what division), and finally 4-Year Performance Statistics.

That last section is something I kind of created on my own. I know a lot of people have been using “BBQ” to look at a teams recent performance over a few years, but I didn’t think that was a great way to look at it as that only accounts for regional championships and it also includes major awards, which don’t always translate to performance on the field.

For these reasons I tried to make my own basic statistic. What I did was assigned point values for each finish in eliminations a team can have. They are as follows:

Regional Champion: 1.0
Regional Finalist: .75
Regional SF: .50
Regional QF: .25

Einstein Champion: 4.0
Einstein Finalist: 3.0
Einstein SF: 2.0 (also Division Champion)

Division Finalist: 1.5
Division SF: 1.0
Division QF: .50

Then, once you have a total for a season, you take the last four seasons and add them together. However, I gave multipliers for more recent seasons. This equation ends up looking as follows:

=(4*[2014 Total])+(3*[2013 Total])+(2*[2012 Total])+(1*[2011 Total])

I did this because I thought that recent performance is more important and pertinent to the current/coming season than say 3 years ago. However I still wanted to account for and look at long-term performance. I thought this provided a good balance.

Of course, this is not perfect, and it does not account for strength of event, where a team was picked (captain, 1st pick, 2nd pick, 3rd pick). I just wanted to be able to have a basic statistic that gave me a rough but reasonably accurate idea of how good a team has been over the past 4 years, and based on the trends of the past few years where they might be this year.

Let me know what everyone thinks of this. Also if you see anything that is wrong, let me know and I’ll update the information. All of the data was pulled from TBA. Finally, if you think a piece of information should be added to the sheet that is easily and readily available, then let me know and I’ll look into adding it.

Note: I thought about taking out the “Attending Midwest” section on this public version, but decided to leave it. I figured anyone who downloads it could change it and update the info for whatever their 2nd event is (and add more columns if they attend more than 2).


Here are the rankings I discussed above. Figured I’d post them here if people wanted to see them without opening the whole spreadsheet.

We will absolutely be attending as well! We wouldn’t miss it for the world!