2015 Battle at the Border

Registration for the 2015 Battle at the Border is now open! Teams can click here to go directly to the registration form.

October 17th, 2015

Francis Parker School (Same Location As Last Year)

30 Teams


Practice Robots
Teams who want to guarantee a spot for their practice robot can pay $225 when they register. Teams can also opt to put their practice robot on the waitlist and if there is space after October 10th, the practice robot will cost $100. Waitlist priority goes to unique teams, then practice robots.

Rule Modifications
Some of the game modifications highlights include:

  • Elimination of ‘Can Battles’
  • More totes behind the driver station
  • No upside down totes in the landfill
  • Scoring adjustments for Auto, Teleop and Coopertition
  • More Cans For Everyone
  • Best 2 of 3 Elimination Rounds

All the game modifications can be found here.

Awesome game modifications.
Code Orange will be there! :slight_smile:

5012 (x2) wouldn’t miss it for the world!

2493 Robokong is in!

Thanks so much to our hosts, Teams 1538 and 2485, and to everyone else who helped put on this amazing event! Team 4 had a great time, save for a communication error leading to the majority of our team having to leave at 5:30. Shout out to our alliance members, Teams 968 and 4486, for helping us give Code Orange a run for their money! We’re so glad to have attended, and can’t wait until next year.