2015 Battle O' Baltimore (BoB) - Sept. 26

Announcing the 9th annual Battle O’ Baltimore (BoB)!

Brought to you by the Baltimore Area Alliance teams (BAA)

Saturday September 26, 2015, with some set up/practice time on Friday evening September 25.

Location: McDonogh School, Owings Mills, MD (NW of Baltimore)

32 teams

Updated website, registration, how to volunteer and other details coming soon.

We are excited to be returning to this beautiful venue!

The mission of this event is to have an opportunity for teams to compete while introducing new teams, new drivers, new team members to FRC, training new volunteers and inviting the public in to see FIRST. The BoB will be part of the 2015 Baltimore Innovation Week.

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in applying to be a volunteer, please visit: http://battleobaltimore.com/contact.php It should take about 5 minutes to complete the Volunteer Application Form.

The Volunteer Coordinators will start making assignments and sending out communication later in June.

Registration for teams will be opening in the next 2 weeks. The BoB website is being updated.

Team Registration is now open. Emails were sent to all teams from last year.

30 teams.
$200 if paid by Aug. 1.
$100 for pre-rookie teams

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Michael - I can’t tell from you post, but did you want to volunteer or sponsor or bring a team? The website has information about all 3. Let us know if you have any questions.

The tin mints are trying but are having trouble being able to open the pdf.

Does the attached file work?

Battle O’ Baltimore 2015 Registration.pdf (50.7 KB)

Battle O’ Baltimore 2015 Registration.pdf (50.7 KB)

The event is more than half filled with both teams and volunteers.

Want to volunteer? Apply here: http://battleobaltimore.com/contact.php
Want to register your team? (the price goes up on Aug.1) See link in previous post.
We will have quite a few workshops. Stay tuned for more details.
We will also have Jr.FLL, FLL and FTC represented.
We will be offering tours with student ambassadors and through Baltimore Innovation Week.
And it’s a guarantee that the drum corps opening the event is pretty special to watch!

When will the website be update still see 9 teams

If you are asking the question because you are unsure if your registration has been received and you did not receive a response - please use the email on the contact page of the website to send an inquiry.

Just a reminder:
Registration fee goes up after July 31. http://battleobaltimore.com/reg.php
We have room for 8 more teams before the wait list begins.

Lunch pre-order forms are now linked on site. http://battleobaltimore.com/info.php


It’s official. The BoB is a featured program for Baltimore Innovation Week. This publicity brings in the public.

Get those registrations in. The price goes up on August 1.

Last day to save on the registration fee.
The event is almost full.

2015 Battle O Baltimore Flyer.pdf (423 KB)

2015 Battle O Baltimore Flyer.pdf (423 KB)

Just wondering if the Battle O’ Baltimore planning committee has any Rule Changes ? I looked on the website and it say it would be posted by August 1st but its a week later and I was just wondering

Planning Committee made some rule changes this week. Look for them next week on the website.
3 slots left.

We are pretty excited for this year’s BoB. Last year was great. We missed by a whisker of winning, hopefully this year we will find the right synergy for a winning alliance.
Hoping to see updates for rule changes soon on the website.

I only count 27 teams out of a possible 32.
Hope to see a full contingent at BoB this year.

Rule Changes are now on the Battle O’ Baltimore website
Rule Changes

•No inspection, honor system on legality. Gross / obvious violations of robot rules will be identified by field staff or referees and must be corrected before the robot continues.
•Minor protrusions outside the transport configuration are permitted during transport, subject to the discretion of the head referee and lead safety advisor.
•No G24 foul for obviously accidental incidents while attempting to score coopertition points.
•G33 is modified so litter may be introduced over the alliance station wall for the duration of teleop, including the last 20 seconds.
•Alliances may place staging area recycle bins and yellow totes themselves, but field staff reserve the right to adjust the placement of incorrectly placed game pieces.
•Yellow totes can be used to make regular stacks during playoffs.
•The top eight teams may not pick each other in alliance selection.

The PODS have arrived (thanks MAR!), we’ve got 70+ volunteers, we are running a visitor program with student ambassadors (and have lots interest through Baltimore Innovation Week http://2015.baltimoreinnovationweek.com/events/battle_o-baltimore_first_robotics_competition and have 29-30 teams playing. TV is coming and we have workshops. There will be FLL, FTC and Jr.FLL. See you there!

Have a great weekend, from your friends down at the Rumble in the Roads!