2015 Central Ohio Robotics Invitational

The 2015 Central Ohio Robotics Invitational (sponsored by the Central Ohio Robotics Initiative, a program of the PAST Foundation) is Saturday June 20 at Dublin Coffman High School in Dublin, Ohio. Registration for the event can be done at this link.

There are plenty of hotels and restaurants close to the venue, which uses both the main and auxiliary gymnasiums of the high school. Registration will remain open until we hit our team limit.

Here is a link to last year’s award winners.

That sounds more like an Open than an Invitational.

Yes, that is true. But CORO doesn’t have the same ring as CORI.



It’s an Invitation to all teams…that works right?

Dublin is about 4 hours west of us here in Pittsburgh. I’ll let 2656 know about this opportunity.

How many teams competed at this event last season?

We always have 24 -32 teams. Last year we had 30 Teams.

This is a great event. Great location, well run, awesome teams.

234 is registered!

MARS will be fielding two teams as usual. Girls vs boys!

Thanks Chris.

I will probably always think of this when I think of MARS’ two robots at CORI.

Thats really cool.

We can field our practice bot as well if its needed. At least I won’t have bill yelling at me to have 2 sets of bumpers. We made a second set of license plates with 1039 on them just for CORI.

Jimmy, I think we will be OK but if you want to add a robot please go ahead and register them. I think the Innovators are lending their practice bot to the new Oakwood team. We are fielding two but might have another potential rookie help run it. 2614 and 2615 are always impressive at CORI.

Jimmy would not have it any other way. Right and that is a capital B to you Jimmy.

SparX is excited to attend our first CORI! We look forward to competing with the other teams attending.

Team 3193 is disappointed to report that we will not be attending CORI in the 2015 off-season. We have attended the wonderful event for the past 3 years, but plans have somehow overlapped and it left us with this regretful decision. I’m positive that all of the teams in attendance this year will have a memorable time; both veteran and rookie attendees. I know that I certainly have for the past 2 years which I have been on the team as a student. Everyone can make sure that we will make it one of our goals to return for the 2016 season and make it a good one. I give this event the highest praise that a student can give, and on behalf of team 3193 we wish you all luck. :slight_smile:

I am really happy that SparX is going to attend. I have seen 1126 many times at other competitions we have attended and they are always excellent representatives of FIRST. And I am sorry that 3193 can’t make it this year. I do hope you make it back next year.

Is a current list of teams attending available to post?

1015 *
1039 *
2615 *
3139 *
3325 *
4146 *

  • Denote 2nd robot
    23 Robots looking for 24 to 30