2015 Chairman's Award Winners

With the FIRST information back up, I was able to put together a spreadsheet of this year’s Chairman’s Award winners. I based this year’s spreadsheet on the lovely one made last year by Kinney from 2486.

Here’s the link, enjoy! If you have any suggestions or I made any mistakes, please let me know either in this thread or via PM-- thank you in advance!

2015 Chairman’s Award Winners

I’ll be trying to update the list as soon as I have results, but I am a full time student, so if they aren’t up immediately, please be patient-- and remember that you can still look them up for yourself on thebluealliance.com

Here’s last year’s thread.

195 won at the Waterbury District Event

Maybe adding videos to the spreadsheet would be nice.

Our video can be found here: 195 Chairman’s Video

I’ll definitely add videos as I find them-- also, each District has its own tab, since winning at District events doesn’t qualify you for Championships but is still relevant for teams in those districts competing at their District Championship.

6 first-time winners out of only 16 teams - way to go!

I’m not sure that it’s possible, but I’d be curious to see more detailed stats on which teams win on which weeks. I know we were pretty squeezed for time with the essay deadline a week later than usual and presenting at a Week 1 event, so I’m wondering if that effect would be measurable across teams and events.

What sort of additional stats would you be looking for?

Based on the question, I’d assume which week the event was will be one of them.

I(and the community) was tracking some other numbers (number of submitters, # of presentations before win in season, etc) in this sheet last eyar, I haven’t had time to get around to making a new one for this year.

It was attempting to get some numbers on how the new multiple-submission rule affected Chairman’s awards. For example, 26 won at their first event, 27 at their 2nd, and 1 at their 3rd (at the regional level).

Yeah that’s more what I was getting at. Data points like # of teams submitting, strength of field (CBBQ???), presentations prior to win, and that sort of thing.

I will try to clear out and recreate a 2015 version before week 3 if I don’t get it done tomorrow night.

Hopefully I can catch people while # of submitters is still fresh in their minds. Last season it was done at the end or after so numbers were fuzzier.

A tab with teams eligible for chairman’s that also that have a high number of total chairman’s awards probably not be a bad idea. (Teams A, B, C have earned 6 awards. Teams X, Y, Z have earned 5 awards… and so on)

You can see that on The Blue Alliance’s Insights page.

Alright, I’ll take a look at adding the number of submissions at each event. If you happen to have that info for the event, PLEASE send it in to me-- I’d love to capture that data if possible.

The main focus of this sheet is on who will be competing at DCMP and CMP, not predicting who will win at a regional/district event (though I might try working with the new Event API to put together some more efficient analytics in the near future).

Also, it is formatted like last year’s, so the weeks are each a different color, and the week number is to the far right.

Edit: I’ve updated the sharing settings-- anyone should be able to comment on it now, so please comment in any numbers or corrections and I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

We won it at the North Shore District Event in Reading, MA.

Heres our video:

Info for your spreadsheet: FRC 178 The 2nd Law Enforcers won it at the Pioneer Valley Event in Springfield, MA.

Dude, I really wish I would have searched before I just spent the past hour re-creating the wheel. It’s still fun, though… I guess…

Here’s the one I made. I like yours, though, as it is on Google. Can the CD community edit this?

RUNNING CHAIRMAN’S 15.xlsx (45.9 KB)

RUNNING CHAIRMAN’S 15.xlsx (45.9 KB)

I’d ask that you comment in any information, then Jacob Bendicksen (who graciously offered to help keep the spreadsheet up to date!) or myself will add it in. I figure it will be easier to manage and keep everything in order this way! Also, congratulations on MARS winning at Greater Pittsburgh! You guys really deserve it.

On another note, congrats to this week’s winners! We should have just about everyone in the sheet now, but info is still coming in. I apologize for any confusion caused by my not finishing up the information immediately after I added it-- reality called and it took a while for me to get back online.

Best of luck to everyone competing in Week 3!

We present the Panteras 2283 Chairman’s Award video 2015: Hope. Winner of the 2015 Mexico City Regional Chairman’s Award.



Very nice! You guys are really an inspiration, not just in Latin America, but to teams everywhere.

You mentioned in the thread that it may be nice to know the number of RCA applications at an event. Camdenton 4-H LASER 3284 was award the RCA at the Rock City Regional in Little Rock this past weekend. The announcer mentioned that there were 30 RCA applications from the 54 teams. Six of the teams applications were previous RCA winners in 2014. Many great programs at the event made it very difficult for the judges.

Thanks for the information! I added this info to the spreadsheet.

2137’s Chairman’s video linked in signature.