2015 Chairman's Predictions

Hey everybody,
Now that the Week 7 events are done, the teams competing for the 2015 Championship Chairman’s Award are set. 69 teams will present in St. Louis, and one of them will become the newest member of the Hall of Fame.

The question is - who will it be? All of the submissions are posted here, so read 'em and weigh in below. Additionally, all of the teams competing and some information about their awards histories can be found here (thanks, Wil!). As was the case with this thread last year, please refrain from talking about your own team - it makes for a better-balanced discussion.

Might be cool if you link the document with all of the winners and times won, etc in the OP as well.

I’m never really sure how to feel about this. There are so many great teams on the list year in and year out, and it’s really hard to get a grasp on all the great things they do, let alone pick one. Not to mention, there is a lot more that goes into it than just what they have accomplished and how many times they have won. For me, being a chairman’s team is, in part, about making the goals of FIRST the goals of your team, and embedding them in the culture of your team and every single thing that you do. It’s something that’s really hard to gauge without getting to know and interact with each team on a personal level.

And a lot of it has to do with strength of submission. As an example, I think I’ve watched 27’s Chairman’s Video from last year over 100 times. It’s that good.

That being said, I would like to give some recognition to some teams that I have worked with, encountered, or that have personally inspired me that I think could win it:

  • 2614 - MARS
  • 3132 - Thunder Down Under
  • 2468 - Team Appreciate
  • 1311 - Kell Robotics
  • 1241 - THEORY 6

1241 in their rookie year billeted our team in Toronto (they did it again in second year) and showed us how FRC should be played.

There are lots of awesome teams worthy of the Championship Chairman’s, but they have a strong track record of awesome going back over a decade now.

From the PNW area, I know 360 “The Revolution” and their alumni have had a huge impact on the game out here, and while they aren’t in the running this year, I’d love to see them recognized eventually. 1983 “The Skunks” might be a bit ‘young’ just yet to be recognized, but they have a pretty consistent record of FRC awesomeness and will likely be on the ‘predictions’ list one of these years.


Im pulling for 987.

I think the obvious contenders are 503, 604, 987, 1511, 1540, and 2486.
I personally have had a lot of experience with 1511, and they are a world class team through and through.
I also think 1714 is a great contender with a fantastic program.

If I had to pick one, I’d pick 987.

I’m looking towards 503 or 2137 - Both have amazing and detailed programs

987 is the favorite.

I’ve predicted them right for a few years now, but this year is a little tough. I’m calling 987 as well - their mentors are amazing, they’ve built a crazy program from the ground up against huge obstacles, and have influenced teams literally around the world. And the following for EI if they aren’t in the same divisions:


I think 604, 987, 1241, 1885, and 3132 are the favorites, but personally I’m pulling for 932, the stuff they’ve done in their hometown is incredible.

I might put 1540 in as favorites this year. This I think is their 6th year winning chairmans advancing them to worlds, and if they are not favorites this year they definitely will be in a year or 2.

They’ve definitely been consistent, but other consistent teams have also won in multiple areas/regionals. I think that is the true test of a team.

I think 1816 has got to be in the conversation. I’m obviously regionally biased, but they basically started robotics in Minnesota which now has over 190 FRC teams. I personally wouldn’t have the oppurtunity to be involved with FIRST Robotics if it weren’t for 1816, and I’m sure there are thousands if not tens of thousands of other students, parents, and mentors who could say the same thing.

I’m loving the predictions. Always fun to read. Someone else already selected my favorite since Week 1.

3132 definitely will win it one day as they are doing things most teams if not all, would not be able to do. Relatively young team though and lots of possible winners already waiting in the cue much longer.

If I was a CCA judge, I’d ask myself two questions. 1. Is this team a household name? Is their video worthy of showing the rest of the World what a true inspiring team looks like?
If a team is worthy of winning it above all, the answers would be very easy to see. You don’t become a household name without exceling in all areas of a program that the rest of the World notices.

There are many great programs that are true examples of what teams should aspire to be, but unfortunately only one winner per year (as of now), which makes it so grueling and tough to have to compete for.

Hoping for 987!

I had a chance to talk with some of their students and mentors most recently at the Dallas Regional but very often over the past few years. They are just an incredible team. The things they are doing in China are impressive. They have been able to transform their school through various grants. This plus numerous other outreach initiatives. They also produce incredible robots year after year which might not be a part of the criteria for a Hall of Fame team but as far as i’m concerned HoF teams should be able to bring it on and off the field. They are a Hall of Fame team without being in the Hall of Fame…yet.

Right now, 68 Truck Town Thunder, 1540 Flaming Chickens, and 2283 Panteras have caught my eye as strong contenders.

1511 - Rolling thunder is definitely a strong candidate for this year :slight_smile:

+1 987. Of all the teams listed, their program is the one that most inspires me.

i love how teams like 987 can have the potential to win Einstein AND be one of the most inspiring teams in FRC

That can be said of most of the current Hall of Fame (or could at the time when they were inducted). I don’t believe this is a coincidence.

1540 won RCA in Oklahoma 2012, in addition to being a regular in the PNW.