2015 Championship OPR spreadsheet

The scouting database for 2015 Championship is now available at


There are a number of changes to the version after Week 7 events

  1. Division data for 609 teams
  2. Links set up for all 8 divisions for those who use Cntr-Shift-P to do automatic update at the event. If the link does not work, PM or email me. Unfortunately due to work and personal commitment, I will not be at the World Championship this year.
  3. Number of events attended now includes the championship

If there is any error, please let me know.

Thanks so much! Was totally waiting for this!

Love your database. Do you have a macro in the spreadsheet that picks the OPR values from each regional and places it on the OPR Results page? I want to pick a couple of OPR component values and put them on a new sheet for each one “OPR XXX”. I couldn’t find such a macro in looking through the VB code.

The links to update results from FIRST website by using Cntr-Shift-P has been updated. Please download the latest file. I was guessing what the URL would be and I guessed wrong. The links are correct now.

I think there is currently a problem with FIRST website not updating match results. Once that is fixed, this spreadsheet will work.

I have updated the spreadsheet with World Championship results.


Everything is in there except some playoff scores are missing in Hopper division. I got some playoff data from TBA since they are missing from FIRST website. Since playoff results do not affect OPR calculations, I will not be republishing this even when results are available.

This will be the LAST TIME I am publishing this for 2015. No more guessing if I am going to publish this next year. Team 2834 leadership has committed to continue to publish this for the CD community in the future whether I am the one to do it or not.

As always, thanks Ed. Sorry for the chaos at the end of last season about moving forward. Everyone is grateful for what you do.

I’m happy to see that you’ve made provisions for this resource to continue to be available for the community, with or without your involvement. I don’t know what we’d do without it.

Literally you make my life so much easier. We used your data sheets all year throughout our regionals and pre scouting. THANKS YOU SO MUCH.

Thanks so much. This is an important part of our pre-competition match by match preparation, and also our scouting system performance parameter weights.