2015 Champs Predictions

With the release of divisions, who will come out on top?
(Lets see how off I am by Saturday :D)


Quarterfinalists- Tesla,Hopper, Archimedes, Carver
Semifinalists- Galileo, Curie
Finalists- Newton
Winners- Carson

Honestly, predictions for Einstein are very hard because of the variables generated by the can wars. I think all of these alliances have a shot of winning Einstein.

Us as third pick of the first alliance? I wish but I think we’ll get picked before then.

That or it’s possible that someone beats 1023 out for first seed, but with their three capped stacks and twenty point auto I don’t foresee that happening.

I’m predicting that a alliance with two Michigan teams will win Archimedes, but which two we’ll have to see.

I think a tether bot, either 1296 or 4587, is going to come out of Carson with 254.

I agree. lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

No 4th bots?

No 4th bots?

Whoops, I forgot about that I will have to edit that once I get some spare time. :ahh:

I don’t really think that a two can grabber is going to last until the 24th pick but I guess it depends on how many two can grabbers are on the field

1296 put up 5 stacks of 5 in OKC a couple times I believe. And 4587 has improved greatly since their first regional. it will be fun to watch those teams battle for that 2nd seed.

Thanks for the mention!

The things I would do for this to happen though…

Do you mean as a first pick or second?
I don’t really think it would matter if the robot was tether or not. There are amazing teams that are tethered and not tethered. There isn’t a substantially big difference between how good tethered robots are vs. non-tethered in general. If 254 is the #1 seed I think they will pick a team that can either make 3 stacks of 6 capped, or a team that can at minimum make 2 stacks of 6 capped and grab containers from the step, for their 1st pick. And cheesecake their second pick. That will optimize the points they can make. Weather the robot is tethered or not I don’t think will make a difference.

I mean as the first pick. Both of these teams can put out 18 totes minimum from the HP. I agree that there isn’t a large difference between tether bot and non tethered bot, that being said the difference can be 1 5/6 stack and those 30-42 points can be very helpful in seeding. Will Be interesting to see how everything plays out! Best of luck to your team!

i cant be the only one looking for a PNW team to go to Einstein…

Yeah seriously, how is 4488 not even mentioned? They are such a consistent team it blows my mind how they are still overlooked.

I completely agree… what 254 needs is a partner that has hella quick burglars, can make 3-4 stacks, and can stay OUT of their way.

I think that 4488 has the best shot of any PNW team for making it to Einstein - despite their (relative) youth, they know exactly what they’re doing. Also, I wouldn’t consider them ‘overlooked’ at this point, seeing as they made it to IRI last year as a second-year team :rolleyes:

Archimedes: 1310-4451-188-4334 QF
Carson: 254-973-1241-5122 SF
Carver: 4967-1625-829-216 QF
Curie: 148-1114-341-900 F
Galileo: 1690-27-191-237 QF
Hopper: 2826-987-4265-223 W
Newton: 195-3310-190-1111 SF
Tesla: 2481-3824-1323-3847 QF

I like predicting crazy upsets that are going to be totally wrong.
Plus I personally just want to see a few of these teams go to Einstein. Maybe if I just will it hard enough… :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. I think tether bots actually are a negative in that respect as they cannot run can burglars and so instead must be able to do a 3 tote auto and ideally have extra weight to tether a partner’s ramp.

And if you’re playing with a team like the poofs who put up hella stacks, the 3 tote auto isn’t nearly as good as the bonus from cans

I like upsets.