2015 CMP Representation by District/Region

I did this last year, thought it would be fun to do again:

Spreadsheet Link

  • Green denotes an existing district
  • Yellow are states/regions where size could potentially allow a district/mini-district
  • Red are smaller regions

Also keep in mind that this is currently under-inflated as it does not include wild-card or waitlist teams, just the allotment established at the beginning of the season. I will update to include this after championship registration has closed.

*Big thanks to Andrew Schreiber for helping me clean up the process this time around.

Most under-represented regions:

  • Minnesota, -16
  • California, -7
  • New York, -6
  • Israel, -5
  • China, -5
  • Kansas, -5

Some random thoughts I had after seeing this:

  • Is there a reason Minnesota hasn’t gone districts yet?
  • Am I the only one who didn’t realize China has 23 teams!?
  • I’d love to see Israel go to districts on an Indiana scale.
  • New York districts ASAP, please.

I would love to see Israel go to a District model too. They seem ready for it; just like those of us in Indiana were ready for it. Districts work amazingly too! I think any State/Country that can go District should.

I’m curious, what is the reason the rest of the PA teams haven’t been pulled into MAR?

Also, can I assume that DC was included in Virginia’s count?

I think Indiana has proven that a “mini” district model can work very well. I am curious why you listed Indiana as the smallest possible district? I think that the model could be used in even smaller settings.

My guess is because it has been proven to work at that size, so anything smaller is theoretical.

I’ve always assumed western PA isn’t part of MAR just because of geography. It would make a lot more sense to lump the Pittsburg and Erie teams in with either Ohio or western NY.

From what I have heard from our RPC, the biggest roadblock right now is our volunteer base. While we are actively expanding our key volunteer base, we are simply not in a position to jump from 4 events to ~12 events right now.

I can buy that, but VA, MD, and DC are going to be separated by basically the same distance. However, the geography would make more sense with Ohio and Western NY and the numbers would probably work out well.

Maybe that’s because your volunteers are always competing because there are only 2 weeks of events. If I lived in Minnesota I would never be able to volunteer but there are enough events around me that I can volunteer when I’m not competing with my team.

I’ve always had the opinion that you aren’t going to expand your volunteer base until the need is actually there. It may be painful for a year or 2, but without the spots to fill you can only pull in so many new volunteers.

To prepare for Districts in Ohio we have been doubling and tripling up the Key volunteer positions at the Regional s to on board more folks in those roles. We have been doing the same thing at the Off-season events.

That is a good strategy, and one that our region seemed to be doing this year too. What are the plans for Ohio and districts?

Not so quick Sparky… as a proud member of the Otherians, I state emphatically that we are the most underrepresented region at the Championship and call on First to implement a plan for the conversion of the Otherian region to the District model forthwith…

(Couldn’t resist…humor, its good for what ails you.)

Thanks Navid - it’s really interesting to see the differences in Regional and team distribution.

Districts don’t make as much sense if the team population is lower than ~150% of a event size, allowing 3 district events + district championship. Typically District events are 40 teams although PNW has smaller events.

A district of only 30-40 teams would mean both events + district “championship” had every team competing, so it’s not really a championship in any traditional sense*

This puts a practical lower limit of around 50 teams for a District.

  • too soon?

We shared at Buckeye and QCR meetings for OhioFIRST that we are looking at two options:

  1. Ohio, Western PA, WV
  2. Ohio, Western PA, WV, Western NY

We are pulling information together to be able to present to FIRST within the next 6 months our proposal with the hopes of switching for the 2017 competition season.

Very cool. Good luck.

Thanks, good luck to you all as well!

Thanks, it seems like it is happening no matter what now. Just gotta make the transition as smooth as we can for teams.

Bingo, the colors are fairly arbitrary…

Just for you, Idaho now has it’s own category on the spreadsheet. :wink: