2015 Curie Divison

Teams / Stats can be found here:

Team List:

Team    Name
56	R.O.B.B.E.	
57	Leopards	
70	More Martians	
88	TJ(Squared)	
107	Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.	
120	Cleveland's Team	
123	Team - Cosmos
148	Robowranglers
176	Aces High	
228	GUS Robotics	
230	Gaelhawks	
271	Mechanical Marauders
303	T.E.S.T. Team	
339	Kilroy Robotics
341	Miss Daisy	
369	High Voltage	
379	RoboCats	
610	The Coyotes	
649	M-SET Fish	
701	RoboVikes	
702	Bagel Bytes	
708	Hatters Robotics
842	Falcon Robotics
900	Zebracorns	
948	NRG (Newport Robotics Group)
1086	Blue Cheese	
1114	Simbotics	
1156	Under Control
1305	Ice Cubed	
1318	Issaquah Robotics Society	
1319	Flash
1506	Metal Muscle	
1574	MisCar	
1622	Team Spyder
1816	"The Green Machine"
1923	The MidKnight Inventors	
2046	Bear Metal	
2457	The Law	
2557	SOTAbots	
2594	Naskcorpions	
2996	Cougars Gone Wired
3008	Falcons
3193	Falco Tech
3309	Friarbots	
3452	GreengineerZ
3495	MindCraft	
3663	CPR - Cedar Park Robotics	
3937	Breakaway	
3959	Morgan County Mech Tech	
3974	E=mCD
4048	Redshift	
4061	SciBorgs	
4073	Robo Kats	
4080	Team Reboot	
4143	MARS/ WARS	
4146	Sabercats	
4355	CP-BOTS	
4450	Olympia Robotics Federation	
4468	Fernbank LINKS	
4498	Team X	
4593	Rapid Acceleration	
4595	Infinity	
4613	Barker College - The Red Crusade	
4653	Ironmen Robotics 
4909	Bionics	
5046	Jacked Up Jackets	
5407	Wolfpack Robotics	
5472	Stallions	
5585	Blood, Sweat & Gears	
5586	Bond Brigade	
5603	Rise of the Warrior Bots	
5654	Phoenix	
5735	Control Freaks	
5737	Mars Style	

1114+148 in the same division= dream come true. It’ll be tough to stop that combination.

Yup… We have our work cut out for us…

Tough but not impossible. There are 73 other teams vying to give Curie back to back Champs

Maybe you can’t beat them in stacking, but maybe you can beat them in canning.

Exactly my thinking. We’ll see how many elite canburglars there are and how good the cheesecake is in Curie.

Well this is going to be a fun event…

I’m assuming 148 is packing some serious cheesecake, since that’s their main weakness. I’m guessing there’s a fair number of teams cinching their belts at this point.

Who are the canbugulars in curie ?

Worried about the team up of these two powerhouses as my team 5046 is in this division but at least we won’t need to go far to see 2 great bots in action.

If 1114 and 148 team up, is the division deep enough for them to pick up a decent canburglar? Or is 148 planning on building one (not sure how much weight the have to spare since they no longer need Alfred).

what happened that they no longer need alfred?

I never understood which of 148’s robots are called what. Anyone care to explain?

148 can’t use a can burglar and robin in the same match. The tether would be in the auto zone.

HP stacker - Robin
Moving robot - Batman
Autonomous can grabber - Alfred (May he rest in peace)

The one that moves and picks up bins is called Batman. The one that sits at the feeder station and builds stacks is called Robin. They used to have a 3rd robot called Alfred which I believe was only used for their autonomous mode.

Batman is their primary robot which moves stacks from the tote chute to the scoring platform. Batman also grabs RC’S. Robin is their tethered robot at the tote chute that just stacks. Alfred was their autonomous tool to move the RC’s out of the way for their stacked tote set. Alfred was ruled illegal early on in the competiton season for having their low visibility tether suspended at a level that could cause problems. I’m also curious why they no longer need Alfred?

^^^Beat me to it

Are there any videos or pictures of Alfred in action? I’ve of course seen Batman and Robin in their reveal video and on live streams, but I never got to see Alfred. (May he rest in peace)

We are in!

148 Reveal video shows Alfred in action. I haven’t seen them use it in a real match.