2015 Dallas Regional

Dallas is week 1 and the competition is packed.

Dallas 2014was the most intense competition in the history of the event.
Dallas 2015 is shaping up to be the most competitive event in Texas.

Will 148 continue their undefeated Dallas Regional streak ?

The seed order will strictly be determined by the random match scheduling*. How many times will the “top” teams (118, 148, 624, 1477, 2848 the list goes on) face each other? During these matches, who are the other members of those alliances (will one “top” team face 2 at once, or have under-performing teammates?). I personally think that** no team at Dallas will go undefeated. The field is very thoroughly stacked with many high level teams, and a very healthy amount of good, competitive teams that may hit a home run and take it.

*Well duh, but seriously, we have all been there.
**Barring some game-breaking strategy or loophole or something.

Dallas is going to be fun !

148 posted one of the most epic reveals of all time.
Have any other teams revealed ?

Wait 'till premiere night…

The number of times top teams face each other is irrelevant in this game…

Perhaps you meant the number of times they play with each other?

No win-loss this season so the times teams “play each other” means nothing. The amount of times “top teams” play together might affect it but a team still has to consistently score high to seed high.

I posted that back in September, I guess that is what happens when you assume. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops. My bad. Didn’t see the post date.

Even the number of times they play together may not matter (as much) unless they have complimentary game strategies.

This regional is one of the ones I’m looking forward to following most this year. Of course it’s because I know a lot of the teams much better than in other parts of the country and I’m biased, but playoffs sure look to be pretty competitive.

Alamo a few years back had the first triple balance in the country. What could Dallas be the first to do? RC+pool noodle on a stack of 6? Use all the human player totes? use all the landfill totes? Stack all the RCs (both alliances and the step)?

Its too bad our regional is a day later.:rolleyes:

Here is a list of robots that have posted media so far…

57 - Leopards
118 - Robonauts
148 - Robowranglers
624 - CRyptonite
704- Warriors
1477 - Texas Torque
2848 - All Sparks
3310 - Blackhawk
3355 - Purple Vipers
3481 - BroncBotz
3802 - RoboPOP
4063 - TriKzR4Kidz
4206 - Robo Vikes
4300 - Lion Kings
4301 - New Tech Narcissists

Well known teams that have yet to post their robots:
457 - Grease Monkeys
932 - Circuit Chargers
987 - HighRollers
1296 - Full Metal Jackets
2468 - Appreciate
2950 - Devastators
3005 - RoboChargers
3735 - KlienBots

4301 - New Tech Narcissists

We would also like to know what the Discobots have been up to. Are ya’ll posting a reveal?

we will post a video soon. Our video is in the student editing process.
We have also been busy qualifying for VEX worlds @ the Robot Jubilee

Looking forward to it.

Good luck at Dallas and the VEX worlds.

All I can say is that I’m really glad I’m not in Texas. And that many will enter, but few will win…

Our reveal video just went up, here’s the link

See you on Thursday!


Being a team from Texas going to a Texas regional I never really thought about the need for a snow plan. :confused:

DISD has been shut down for 2 days and I don’t think it’s looking good for having access to our build space or robot tomorrow. This might get interesting.

Any other Dallas teams worried about freeing their robots from lock-up?

Not here, but it seems like road conditions will prevent us from attending. We’re working on transferring to Hub City instead.