2015 Dashboard - How to use Custom Tab

Dear CD,

I am a little confused how to take advantage of the Custom Tab in a new Custom Dashboard for our team. The driver station parameters I passed in 2014 are no longer available. I would like to display a dozen, variables
in this tab. Does someone have an example they can post? I have looked through the online documentation and Labview tutorials and have not found one yet… Of course the changes would most likely occur in both the TeleOp.vi and Dashboard Main.VI

Best regards.

There is an example built into the default programs.

In the default Dashboard About halfway down you’ll see a block of variables used on the Basic tab.
In Teleop.vi you’ll see corresponding reads of some of those same variables.

Here is another example that places new variables on the Custom tab.
It shows two boolean variables Marc 1 and Marc 2 that are explicitly treated as SD variables.
It also shows another two boolean variables Marc 3 and Marc 4 that are implicitly treated as SD variables.
All four are read on the robot side in Periodic Tasks.

By default, the custom tab will automatically bind any control put into it to a SmartDashboard variable that can be read or written on the robot.

So there shouldn’t be any need to change code in the dashboard unless you want a fancier display or calculation before display. If you do, the top loop shows an example of reading variables and displaying them in charts.

Greg McKaskle

Mark and Greg,

Thanks for the example! I was also confused because when I dropped a new indicator into the Dashboard Custom Tab I could not see the parameter in the block diagram panel. It took me a while to find the command to flip between both locations in the front panel and block diagram which located the parameter.

I also dropped a control into the Dashboard Custom Tab.

The indicator will receive the value sent from TeleOp.vi via the SD write VI correct? See picture.

That should work fine.

Is it allowed to modify the other tabs? Or even the color/appearance?

It’s for your use only.
You can change everything, nothing, or replace it entirely with something else.