2015 District Point Structure?

We are 4 weeks away from week 1 events and still no district point structure. Anybody have insight into this?

In the Q&A: https://frc-qa.usfirst.org/Question/222/is-there-a-timeline-for-when-the-district-point-structure-will-be-released

Their two week estimate would mean it would be available by Wednesday.

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I’m sure I missed it’s release, where can we find the point structure for this year?


I believe this is what you’re looking for:


Someone correct me if I’m wrong…

Does anyone know how the point system will work with the equation for qualification ranking? The numbers do not always come out to equal whole numbers, and there is no mention of rounding for these values, although rounding is mentioned for playoff match point values.

If anyone knows if FIRST has clarified this already, a link would be very much appreciated! If not, it would be a good thing to look into.

A ceiling function is applied to the InvERF. Check out this document, which goes more in depth about the system, (including the value of alpha).

Thank you very much! Looking back at the original document I printed, the ceiling function was blurred due to faded ink (college printers aren’t always the best). Now it makes more sense!