2015 Division Tracker- View Lists, Data, and Graphs


Brought to you by team 3507 Ubotics


  • Search for a team number on the home page to find which division they’re in quickly
  • Compare average best OPR across all divisions
  • Find out how the top 24 teams in the world (by best OPR) were distributed among divisions
  • View a graph comparing each division’s teams by best OPR (with a zoom feature to look at just the top 24 teams in each division)
  • Click on one of the division tabs for data about each team in that division including average OPR, best OPR, best rank, number of awards won, and number of matches played this year (you can sort this table by clicking on the column headers)
  • View a list of awards and the teams that won them for each division

How does it define who is a “top team”?

Listed in features

Way cool!

All 609 registered teams are in divisions, and we’re excited to play in Carver!

Is it just me, or does the OPR graph make Carson look really, really stacked?

I love it!

Carson does look a pretty competitive.

Does Dean’s List count as an award?

To piggyback on this post, if anybody is looking for a simple, parseable list of teams in each division, I’ve got it up on my GitHub: https://gist.github.com/phil-lopreiato/d69e9d6a23d548597147

Unfortunately, my database only stores team awards, not individual awards.

No apologies necessary. I was just checking.

If anyone has requests for graphs or data to be added to the site, let me know and I can look into it.

Just for fun:

Using the preliminary match schedules, I’ve added predicted rankings lists for each division.

Click on a division tab, then click the “View predicted rankings” button.

Will this update and get more accurate as matches are played? I’d bet that you probably have no time but that would be pretty cool if it doesn’t already.

I do have an auto updating version that I used during regionals that can be put on the site once the championship start.

I updated the algorithm to produce predicted rankings. It is now using this method and team 955’s breakdown OPR data.

The predicted rankings for Carson were updated to reflect the new official schedule.

If you want to compare these rankings to the previous schedule’s predicted rankings, the old data can be found in this spreadsheet.