2015 Divisions Stats for Pre-Scouting

Hey Teams,

To help with pre-scouting I have spreadsheets with the latest stats for each team. The stats contain the last event that the team attended. This should be very helpful for pre-scouting. Instead of having several tabs open analyzing each team, its all in one spreadsheet. :slight_smile:

Archimedes Division: goo.gl/1DePqM
Carson Division: goo.gl/Qd2zli
Carver Division: goo.gl/cMt256
Curie Division: goo.gl/gQlSMf
Galileo Division: goo.gl/bqdvzJ
Hopper Division: goo.gl/nRfLmj
Newton Division: goo.gl/xDYdp0
Tesla Division: goo.gl/5TW74A

Good luck to all the teams attending the 2015 FIRST Championships

The source code is online - Github

Thanks for putting this together. Great help and really shows the most current info for each team

I think the calculation for Played is off.

His code says the values are straight off TBA, what values are you looking at?

To note, it has happened, but it’s rather uncommon.

I would assume that the Played column is supposed to show the number of matches a team has played in total, but maybe they are just values for the highest QA competition. So I could just be reading it wrong.

Emphasis mine.

Man, I guess I need to learn to read. Thanks.

May I ask how this data was generated? Are you normalizing the points with respect to the number of matches played? Otherwise, direct comparisons on absolute point values would not have much value.

Even if you were to take (total component points)/(matches), it would be hard to draw comparisons between teams between events due to the difference in the number of teams at an event, difficulty of schedule and average scoring ability of alliance members. For instance, you’d expect average scores to be higher for a District Championship than your average regional because those teams have already been selected to that event based on their performance. This means that absolute component point values would be higher for a robot attending a DCMP vs. if they were in your “average” regional.

Wow. I kid you not, I just made this: http://i.imgur.com/EOOAEiF.png manually today. Same color scheme and everything. Mine’s not nearly as good, but still. That’s pretty neat.

Emphasis Link07’s.

In many ways, performances aren’t comparable across events. All ranking values are ~2/3* the result of your alliance partners’ performance, +/- any synergistic value between the individual teams. As a result, rankings are inflated/deflated based on your alliance partners at a given event.

As a result, none of the scouting done before champs can really determine anything except for general claims, but it’s fun and interesting nonetheless :slight_smile:

*This isn’t ever true, but for the average robot, it’s close.

Totally agree, all data including OPR and CCWM is never a 100% depiction of the quality of a team. It’s the on site scouting that matters.