2015 FIRST Championship Wrap Video

I really enjoyed the 2014 FIRST Championship Wrap Video and I was wondering if there would be a 2015 version?

Anyone know?

Thank you,

If it was done, it would have been shown during closing ceremonies like last year.

This is as much as I found, https://youtu.be/WPHEgMFoJFA?t=2037, it lacks the combination of all the programs like last year and was kinda short. Also, #needsMoreSteadicam. There were a few more of these mini-highlight reels in the closing ceremonies, all being sort of lackluster.

Fun fact, it uses the same song that was used in the North Bay 2014 Highlight Reel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwQM4LoZ9qI.

I just got really excited seeing that thread title…ditto on what Nikki said. There isn’t really an all-encompassing one this year, and I’m bummed about it - I loved the one from last year.

I would really like to see a Wrap up video too. All the videos that have come out are mainly focused on FRC. It would be nice to see footage from FTC and FLL as well. They got the short end of the stick.

I would never agree with that. FTC and FLL don’t get the big stage, but they definitely get a lot of video coverage. From the same video I mentioned above, there is a short highlight reel-like video for FTC (https://youtu.be/WPHEgMFoJFA?t=1919). FLL also got a great coverage, https://youtu.be/WPHEgMFoJFA?t=1100.

Seriously though, FIRST generally does not forget about the other programs. They get a lot of great footage and definitely aren’t forgotten.