2015 FRC prototype two speed swerve drive initial testing

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Looks good. I still don’t trust that shifter (even with the hard stops) so be sure to test it under heavy loading. Likely you will shift when it is in a pushing match, so the shifter should be robust.
Are the plastic gears going to hold up?

that’s the plan. now just gotta build 3 more, get some sensor attached, and spend a few weeks programming the thing!

in regards to shifting in a pushing match: i don’t think it makes a difference. if as you can see in the video we shift flawlessly with the cim remaining powered and wheel at speed full speed, i don’t see how a lower speed or force shift will make a difference. we will just unpower the cim so it’s being backfed from the pushing and do a shift in that moment. so there is no resistance on the cim when it’s not sufficiently mated so we shouldn’t have any issues in regards to shifting while being pushed. but we will see!

as far as the gears lasting, who knows. The whole point of using them is to see if they will survive or not. and replace with stronger materials where needed.