2015 Georgia Southern Classic Regional

Anybody out there excited for this brand new regional?!

The regional is going to be in Perry, Ga, which is where we held GRITS (off-season Georgia event) for the first couple of years.

It should be a good regional, there are a fair number of the staple Georgia teams, as well as a good number of teams we haven’t seen too often at Peachtree in the past. It’s also been set up to run Friday - Sunday instead of the usual Thursday - Saturday regional.

So who all is going? I’d love to hear from teams and vounteers! :slight_smile:

Also, as a recent transplant from Atlanta into Orlando, are there any Orlando people headed to the Perry regional that wouldn’t mind a travel partner? :rolleyes:

I’ll be headed back to GA for GSCR. This’ll be the first time I’m not actually there competing with a team, so a regional of FIRSTs (lol).

I’m a recent transplant in north Tampa (~ 1 hour from Orlando) and am planning on heading up Thursday evening. I’ll send you an PM.

  • Sunny G.

We’re hoping to go … We’re on the waiting list … no word yet …

Team 1466 is excited for this event! We’ll see you guys in Georgia.

Team 3694 is looking forward to competing there.

Good luck to all attending teams :smiley:

1912 Combustion is excited to compete at our first Georgia event!

Flash 1319 is excited about attending this new regional! It will be nice to see some familiar faces as well as teams we don’t often see.

I am curious about how the Friday-Saturday-Sunday schedule will work. If all goes well maybe more regionals will move to this schedule?

Its a little bit of a journey but 3266 is excited to be attending!

1002 will see everyone there!

Team 2080 is excited for what will be a great regional! We haven’t been to a Georgia event since 2008 so we can’t wait to compete with everyone!

Team 1261 will likely have some volunteers there! Good luck to all the teams competing, I’ll be interested to see how it goes!

Mackenzie Glaser
Team 1261

:smiley: Exploding Bacon Team 1902 will be there for the regional!

Even for local teams, don’t expect to be going to school/work monday morning…


I’m not a fan of this Friday-Sunday schedule. We’re going to be driving (only) 140 miles on the way back, but I’m already planning to take time off from work and going to ask professors for course material ahead of time for that Friday and Monday.

With the Thursday-Saturday schedule, you could at least rest up on Sunday and be ready for work/school on monday…

FWIW we took Georgia Southern Classic of of our very small board for travel options with the Friday-Sunday. Did that at ye olde New Jersey Regional in 2010 and I remember taking a while to recover from that rather than the standard 24 hour turnaround for Regionals and the 36 hour turnaround for Champs.

Good luck though, y’all

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work hard, play hard :wink:

I’ll be back at work on Monday morning after this regional. Can’t say the same for my parents (head ref and scorekeeper) they might require a day of recovery.

But I think the idea is that it means the students take fewer days off from school. Most students won’t be driving and if it comes down to it, can get a bit of sleep on the drive home.

Team 5332 Toaster Tech will be there! Our first year having two regionals:eek:

1746 is signed up! We are really excited about going to two regionals for the first time since 2009!

Still plenty of work to do on the robots over the last two weeks of build season!

832 will be there. Looks like it’s shaping up to be a great event! Lots of states represented. See you guys there!

RoboBibb 4941

We will be there good luck to everyone attending.