2015 Georgia Southern Classic Regional

Team 233, The Pink Team will be there. It will be the first week 1 event for the team, at least in many years.

I just got around to booking a room for this regional and got an extra bed. If there is anyone who wants to split a room, PM me.

We’re getting back at 11:00 on Sunday and have school the next day. Should be interesting.

As a newly employed person, I don’t think you understand how valuable vacations days are.

  • Sunny G.

1311 is going :slight_smile:

I hope everyone is excited for GSCR. Along with the debut of Recycle Rush, GA FIRST is going to be debuting its new entertainment format, Gametime. Akin to what you’ve seen in Orlando and at Chesy Champs, Gametime will provide the audience with a chance to learn more about the teams, the region, and GA FIRST.

Our commentators, Jerry and Annika, will be joining our emcees and game announcers to bring everyone match analysis, discussion of FIRST related topics, interviewing key figures in FIRST, and interviewing teams about some of the cool things they are up to.

While the event is gearing up to be a great show, we need your help!

If your team has something interesting to talk about, let us know by filling out this form. The Gametime crew will review your request and contact you if we choose your team for an interview.

See you all at GSCR,

  • Sunny G.

Gametime sounds great! Where will we be able to watch it?

There’s no shortage of heroes who are going to brave the weak one storms, and you’ll find your share in GA at the Georgia Southern Classic Regional.

1311, 1648, and 1683 are just some of the notable attendees that are representing the Peach State. All three teams have been dominant forces in GA, whether on or off the field. One way or another, I think we’ll be seeing all three teams playing on Sunday evening.

It wouldn’t be a GA regional, if we didn’t have our out-of-state friends. From the south, 233 and 1902 are bringing their south beach talents, and hopefully weather, up to Perry. These teams hardly need any introductions, and if they get going early, teams in GA may just learn what it means to play with true powerhouses.

However, GA is where powerhouses are put to the test, and our friends from the Carolinas always help make sure of that. 1319 and 3506 are both looking to take home their own peace of the peach pie.

But the playing field in GA isn’t hard because of the incumbent winners. In fact, it’s always the teams you won’t expect who always come back to beat you qualifications, slip their way into the playoffs, and ultimately hoist the trophy at the end of the event.

Team 1002 certainly fits that bill. Having shown less than stellar performances for the past few years, 1002 has struggled to regain its former glory. However, considering that 1002 finished their robot a couple of weeks before bag day, expect to sprint out of the gate.

Team 1746 hasn’t been to two regionals since its glory days in 2009. Otto was da original MVP by hosting a field for all the local teams to come out and play; but that was four years ago. Otto may not stack up against its former self, but a second regional and clean design may mean that this GA celebrity is starting to get back into the game.

We are still working with our contacts to work out exactly how integrated Gametime will be into the fabric of the event, but if it all goes well, you should see Gametime on the big screen (or the main regional stream).

  • Sunny G.

I’m pretty psyched to get down to Perry to referee. I hope to see all your lovely faces bright and early Friday morning to play some Recycle Rush! (I’ll be fresh off a 3.5 hour drive!)

10/10 humblebrag

GSC will have an app like we had at Peachtree last year (Peach Pits) where you can see the Pit layout for GSC and quickly access any teams match schedule info from your mobile device just by clicking on the team.

Makes finding your alliance partners a snap!

Match Schedules haven’t been loaded yet (so it doesn’t do anything yet when yo click on a team), and the Pit layout is PRELIMINARY, but it will be located at this URL and looks like this:

Kudzu Vines

From your friends at AutomationDirect.

2974 will not be bringing its robot, but will be there helping in various places.

What’re you saying? You’re team isn’t the best in the team world according to your scouts?

Watchu sayin, son.

  • Sunny G.

Going to start a list of teams and link pictures/videos:


Add links to your media, I’ll add them in this list.

Anyone else having issues with the weather and school cancellations? Getting into our build site to get everything ready to go is going to be fun with all this weather heading our way…

Yep. We won’t have access to our shop tomorrow. Thankfully we are already packed for the most part, but we’re losing some time for driver practice and intake tuning.

Here’s a thread that Team 2080 posted that has our robot information. Also good luck to everyone this weekend, we can’t wait to be there competing!

Safe travels to all teams coming down to Perry in the weather this weekend.

Good luck to all and see everyone soon.