2015 Georgia Southern Classic Regional

Ah, I almost forgot! I wanted to let everyone know about the CyberCenter, a thing that the CircuitRunners bring to every regional we attend.

The CyberCenter is a booth in which internet and printing services are provided free of charge. It will be located right outside the pits.

See everyone Friday… only one more day of waiting!

Hey, can we bring a 1000 ft ethernet cable that can reach to the cyber center from our pit? Having practice day on a Friday means other regionals have started already. Might as well watch some streams in the comfort of our pits :wink:

If this becomes a thing I might be stepping over a few pits in my free time to watch some Dallas or GTRC :stuck_out_tongue:

This weather could not have come at a worse time. After much struggle and multiple backup plans, we will have a small crew at the event after all. Personally, I am thankful to be away from the snow hitting our area.

We are ready to compete and look forward to seeing everyone there!

Sorry to hear about y’alls inconvenience and its a bummer y’all will have to bring a small crew. We are lucky enough to have no weather problems despite it just being very cold (which is strange for southern Louisiana lol). So we are able to bring a pretty large group (about 27 students I think) and if y’all need an extra hand just let us know! We’d be glad to help!:smiley:

Yes! A note to all teams coming to the regional, please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help! We’d be more than happy to set you up with some friendly teams who can lend a hand :slight_smile:

And be safe!! I’m travelling from florida, so weather isn’t too big an issue, but my friends and family are coming from a snowy Atlanta (which has always proven chaotic) :wink:

Or maybe some South Florida?:wink:

Absolutely! Dying to see so many of those robots in action. I’ll be watching as much as possible before leaving tomorrow! :smiley:

GTRC is next week, sorry to disappoint.

Well our team just left our school and are on the road! We are stopping to pick up team 1912 and then we will be there soon! Can’t wait to be there and compete!

No snow in Perry. Y’all come on down!

Can someone post the elimination alliances?

What were the results of this regional, and who won Chairman’s?

1902 won Chairman’s

Regional winners are below.

1319 (captain)

Big shout out to Anupam Goli, mentor for 1648, who is one of the most hardworking people I know in this program, and also a genuinely fantastic friend. Your blue banner has been a long time coming and I’m so glad it finally happened. You definitely have a WFFA ahead of you in the future.

1902 AKA “Exploding Bacon”.

Congratulations to 1902 for the Tasty RCA. Great award for a great team !!


Dear 1648,

Hope to see y’all in St Louis this year.

Someone who’s behind

It was a great ride with 1648 and 3266. They were great partners and great people. Can’t wait to play with y’all again :slight_smile:

Wow, what an amazing regional and amazing way to start the competition season! Team 1648 had one heck of a ride throughout the regional. We had a rough practice and first day of competition, but we got things together, and our hard work paid off.

First a couple of thank you’s:

Thank you to 1319, who had faith in us even after looking extremely shaky in our first day of matches. Thanks for having us as your top pick, it was an honor to play alongside a team of your fame. Our alliance really worked well together, and I’m excited to play with y’all again at Peachtree.

Also, thank you to 3266 for being the perfect complementary robot for us and 1319. I still don’t understand how y’all flew under everyone else’s radar, but I guess that speaks about 1319 and our scouts’ abilities. Y’all played super clutch in the playoffs, and your performance guaranteed the banner for our alliance.

Thank you to the reffing crew and event staff for making this regional run as smooth as possible and with minimal issues. We’ve had a wonderful time and a lot of it is because of the regional staff’s excellent running of the event.

Finally, some congrats to:

1746 for winning the Engineering Inspiration award and finding their way to championships. I’m super excited that y’all will be at championships alongside us. Hopefully we’ll get pits next to eachother again.

We’ll see y’all at Peachtree, and at St Louis!