2015 Georgia Southern Classic Regional

Does it feel good to write that?

Yep! It will be this team’s first time competing at Championships since 2005, and my first time going to championships since 2010!

I still can’t believe we were able to secure both 1648 and 3266 as partners seeing as we were the 4th seed. I doubt y’all will be off other people’s radar at your next regionals :wink:

Just getting moving after a long weekend and a late night on the road. The weather was sketchy early, but we were able to complete the trip safely and had a great experience.

Kudos to GA FIRST and the crew at the event. There was no way to tell it was an inaugural event from the way it was run. Outstanding job everyone! We will definitely be back next year.

Many thanks to our alliance partners 832 Oscar and 1369 Minotaur. It was great working with you. We were able to make it all the way to the finals from the 8th seed. Great job! Good luck the rest of the year.

Congrats to 1319 1648 and 3266. You were a powerful alliance and we simply didn’t have an answer for you. You worked together seamlessly. Good luck the rest of the year and in St Louis.

Seen at the Georgia Southern Regional.

I’m really pleased with how the GSCR turned out for an inaugural event. The atmosphere of the event was awesome throughout the entire weekend. I think the facilities worked really well for a 45 team event and it was awesome, as usual, to have a full practice field (only improvement would be that it came with RCs).

I didn’t get to spend too much time watching matches, but the announcer crew did a great job of maintaining a high level of excitement. I also really enjoyed the Gametime addition to the event. This was a neat way to have teams showcase projects as well as provide match commentary and impact on rankings and strategy.

A few thank yous from OTTO Team 1746:

To 1648: You guys are the best. I’m glad you ended up getting your game dialed in and that you got recognized for it. 1319 made a great pick and you guys blew away the rest of us in playoffs. I hope we get some more matches together at Peachtree.

To 3506 and 2556: We were honored to have you join us for playoffs. Your teams were both awesome to work with. I enjoyed the attitude you both brought with you to our alliance. You both filled your roles perfectly. I wish you both luck with the rest of your seasons.

1746 is beyond happy with how our season has started. This the first time in 5 years for the team to go to multiple regionals. We were really just happy to get past QFs for the first time since I joined the team in 2013. Winning Engineering Inspiration has yet to really sink in. We can’t wait for Peachtree and eventually Champs. Several tweaks to make to the bot to keep us busy between now and then.

And has anyone seen my voice? I seem to have lost it somewhere.

Does anyone happen to have a video or pics of 233’s 'bot?

I’ve been home for almost 24 hours, and am already preparing myself for the next event I’ll be at.

I want to say thank you to all the students and mentors that came out to our event, you guys really make it special. A thank you to all the volunteers for being absolutely incredible (as always!!), we are “Peachtree on the Road” and it’s always a pleasure working with everyone.

Of course, thank you to the others on the inspection team, everything went incredibly smooth and we have a new volunteer in our ranks! It was also surprising how many teams we had ready and waiting for inspectors! Almost all teams had passed inspection by the end of practice day!!

I can’t miss the chance to thank the other refs, you guys were fun to work with and we had a blast. We also barely had anybody in the Question Box! I look forward to more silly hats and noodle crowns at Peachtree :wink:

Congratulations to the winning alliance (1319, 1648, 3266), the Chairman’s Winners (1902, I’ll see you in Orlando!), Engineering Inspiration (1746, lovely bot), and everyone else!

Oh, and I can’t help but to be extremely pleased and proud of the teams that happened to share a hotel with me and my folks. Perry isn’t the largest of cities, so our hotel was stuffed with a few teams (I only know 1369 was there for sure), and everybody was polite, respectful, and most importantly: quiet at night. It’s great to not have to wake up to a grumpy Head Ref! :yikes:

For those wondering, data is up on http://frc-events.usfirst.org/

If anyone has any feedback about GameTime we have started a thread. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1452535#post1452535
Your feedback is greatly appreciated and with your help we hope we can make GameTime even better in the future!

1 4189 1902 4026 (QF)
2 1466 3140 1795 (SF)
3 3329 2393 1683 (QF)
4 1319 1648 3266 (W)
5 1746 3506 2556 (SF)
6 5332 1002 2080 (QF)
7 3635 3600 5109 (QF)
8 3959 1369 832 (F)

I do - pm me with an email address and I’ll sen it to you.

I can honestly say that this regional was the most fun I’ve ever had at a robotics competition. Huge thanks to the GA FIRST Regional Planning Committee. This event was run incredibly well, better than some long running events I’ve been to.
Gametime was a welcome addition, and really helped break some of the usual monotony of qualifications rounds. It was great to hear about all of the things teams do that usually go unnoticed unless they win an award. They also put up with our incessant shoutouts, and were kind enough to even read some of them live. I look forward to seeing it again at Peachtree, and hopefully for years to come.
Congrats to 1902 on their chairman’s win. Ya’ll were a lot fun to talk to and compete with, and you had a great robot to boot. I can’t wait to see all the crazy stuff you guys do in the future.
Thanks to 1746 for putting up with us in the pit next door all weekend. I’m excited for your EI win and I hope we get to be next door to you and your sponsors at Peachtree and Worlds.
Thanks to 1319 and 3266. That was an incredible alliance, and ya’ll made coaching in the playoffs the easiest coaching I’ve ever done. We’ll see you guys at worlds, and hopefully we can tear it up again in the future.
Lastly, thanks to the practice field staff. As always, they were incredibly kind, and put up with our constant requests for more practice time. No way we could have gotten our robot working as well as it did without them
We’ll see a lot of you guys at Peachtree, and hopefully in St. Louis.

Throwing litter and stacking coopertition was a huge part of qualifiers. Also having a lot of short stacks helped.

Lmao you actually made a CD account with the nickname? That’s priceless! You get mad love from the GameTime team NoodleJesus.

Is there video of this event somewhere?

I would just like to put forth the idea that GSCR should always line up with the Hillbilly Llama show.

Not for any particular STEM reason. It’s just that for the people who show up for STEM get to see some awesome llamas and those who show up for the llamas get to check out the STEM.

  • Sunny G.

Seconded. Georgia RPC you better be paying attention to this.