2015 Greater Toronto Central Regional (GTRC)

Who’s eager to see the debut of 42 Canadian Teams playing in the renovated stadium that used to be called “Maple Leaf Gardens”?





I am for sure…good luck to all teams. Have a great time, play safe and “keep your stick on the ice” lol :smiley:



Will that show practice day

It isn’t my webcast but, it looks like it will run tomorrow.

Is anyone having problems with the webcast?


The webcast is down.

Webcast update.

I’m not 100% sure exactly what happened to the webcast around 4:30 today. I was not made aware of the situation until recently.

Unfortunately I am running this webcast remotely as I am in Arkansas competing with my team.

If you have any problems tomorrow please PM me on CD I will do my best to respond ASAP and keep everything up and running.

Besides the problems at the end of the day, I didn’t get a good enough internet connection to check the quality of the stream. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Adam

Webcast still appears to be down.

Edit: And, we’re back…

Webcast just came on.


Webcast is down again, hopefully it will resume at 1:00 pm :yikes:

We’re all crossing our fingers!

Still down, anyone have updates?

I PMed Bochek, and told a bunch of people who are there. I’m sure someone will figure it out…

Thanks Jonathan :slight_smile: Best of luck on the rest of the competition.

Matches are underway, still loading…

Navid, I am on Gameday, is there another webcast feed?