2015 Hopper Division

Team List:

33	Killer Bees
78	AIR Strike
103	Cybersonics
166	Chop Shop
223	Xtreme Heat
263	Sachem Aftershock
343	Metal-In-Motion
469	Las Guerrillas
548	Robostangs
573	Mech Warriors
781	Kinetic Knights
811	Cardinals
1124	UberBots
1218	Vulcan Robotics
1533	Triple Strange
1676	The Pascack PI-oneers
1723	The FBI - FIRST Bots of Independence
1746	OTTO
1796	RoboTigers
1817	Llano Estacado RoboRaiders
2016	Mighty Monkey Wrenches
2064	The Panther Project
2169	KING TeC
2183	Tigerbots
2228	CougarTech
2344	The Saunders Droid Factory
2500	Herobotics
2512	Duluth East Daredevils
2530	Inconceivable
2531	RoboHawks
2590	Nemesis
2609	BeaverworX
2614	MARS
2783	Engineers of Tomorrow
2826	Wave Robotics
2830	Riverside RoboTigers
3042	Cobalt Catalysts
3098	The Captains
3255	Super NURDs
3266	Robots-R-Us
3501	Firebots
3620	Average Joes
3683	Team Dave
3688	Norsemen
3735	Klein Bots
3939	Robotic Knights
3950	Robo Gym
4130	The Blue Devils
4265	Secret City Wildbots
4329	Lutheran Roboteers
4362	Gems
4391	BraveBots
4405	The Atoms Family
4486	Blue Prints
4550	Something's Bruin
4589	AdamasBots
4799	Lazbuddie Robotics sponsored by Society of Women Engineers
4918	The Roboctopi
4930	Electric Mayhem
5015	SWAT Bots Robotics
5024	Raider Robotics
5118	KHS
5318	DigiDigger
5413	Stellar Robotics
5428	Breaking Bots
5454	Wild Fire
5493	SMAbotics AG
5509	Like a Boss.
5562	Laker Logistics
5576	Team Terminator
5771	Marfa Robohorns

Looks like a great group!

13 Michigan teams in Hopper:

33 Killer Bees
469 Las Guerrillas
548 Robostangs
573 Mech Warriors
3098 Captains
3620 Average Joes
3688 Norsemen
4130 Blue Devils
4362 Gems
4391 Bravebots
4405 Atoms Family
5509 Like A Boss
5562 Lakers

Seems like Frog Force should be here.

1676 is thrilled to be playing on Hopper in its first year with many of our MAR friends (11, 103, 223, 1218, 1391, 2016, 2590) and a ton of other amazing teams.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be recording 1080p60 full-field footage of all of the qualification and elimination matches, opening and award ceremonies, and alliance selections on our field and posting them to our YouTube Channel ASAP for everyone’s enjoyment.

Good luck to all! :smiley:

2064 The Panther Project will be there! Super excited to participate in our teams first CHAMPIONSHIP!

Cannot wait to see all the amazing robots this year!

3… 2… 1… RUSH!!

Hoping my Field Reset assignment is Hopper… so many great teams, not to mention a fantastic name!

Team 4130 is very happy to be playing in hopper. who’s ready to play some recycle rush!!

548 is ready for some canburglar action in hopper!

Team 2344 is proud to be a part of this division. See you all at champions!

2 teams that were finalist at MSC 573,3098 and one winner 548:D

Minnesota is well represented in Hopper with 6 team. 2169, 2500, 2512, 2530, 2531 & 3042. Great to be a part of the first year of this division.

The proud owner of The Potato Rank is excited to give each and every team within this Division it’s very own potato ranking which will be coming in the next few days hope to see you there. :smiley:

Are you really from Michigan? Not Idaho? :]

125 is stoked to play in the first ever Hopper division.

The real question is as members of the inaugural Hopper class, we have the fortune of creating the Hopper battlecry. Lets start throwing some ideas out there!


Pumped that MORT gets to play with its Mentor Retirement Facility team!

Well, we’re all ready to “hop” to it.

I’ll be the first one to bite.

“Can’t Stop Hopper”

But on a more serious note, really looking forward to seeing 11 on the field with a lot of their old friends this year.

1124 is ÜBER excited to be competing in the inaugural Hopper Division! Can’t wait to meet all of you there and looking forward to some fantastic matches!

Equally stoked to see you guys too. Excited to show NUTRONs Beta how its done :wink:


Teams that are in contention will be 33 469 543 548 4130

Who is 543?