2015 IN Kokomo City of Firsts District Event

Who else is excited for this event? We are excited to unveil our robot, see the great teams from Indianapolis week 1, and plenty of new robots!

I’m really excited for the event. The competition looks like it is going to be fantastic, especially with seeing the new event for my hometown.

FRC Team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T. is really excited to be attending our second district event.
See you all there.

4485 is excited…and ready to stack some totes. With the three Michigan teams in attendance it should be a slug fest.

I’m expecting several surprises. Looking Forward was close, but missed the mark.
It was correct in that this will be a highly competitive event.

Can you elaborate? I thought they would mention us after last year, but what do you think?

Team 68…TRUCK TOWN THUNDER…roaring into Kokomo… kaboom!

Good luck to all teams competing this weekend.

This event will be highly entertaining. I can’t wait. See you all there!


I agree. I’m hoping the Black Knights can continue their 2014 success.

I thought the absolute best robot at the Indy event was 1501. I thought the best strategy at the event was 1024.

I was very surprised 1720 didn’t get any love from LF.

Stop it. You’re going to make us blush :o

I know we’re looking forward to attending!

I’ll be one of the two Game Announcers this weekend. I’m really interested to see how the strategies play out and how teams have opted to change up their robots - I was the Game Announcer for the Indy District Week 1 and was at Pittsburgh last week as a mentor. Both events were a blast to attend, and I’m expecting nothing less from Kokomo with the team list and volunteer crew being what they are!

Will Danny Blau be joining you? We had so much fun meeting him and working with him at the FTC Northern Indiana Qualifier a few months ago!

Danny will be appearing at the Purdue District. He’ll be busy drive coaching at Kokomo.

Tell Danny not to drive coach too hard from me.

Based upon the evening practice matches Kokomo is going to be a blood bath. There are some vastly improved robots.

You did a great job at Indy and I’m sure you’ll do great tomorrow too.

I’m the scorekeeper. I was the scorekeeper at Indy too and will be at Purdue, IN state champs, and Champs too. Indy was good… but I have a feeling that it will be even more intense this time around. Come Saturday afternoon, it will be quite the showdown.

I’m working today, but will be up as soon as all the kids leave the building! Expect me in time for the team social. I’m hoping to beat the FTA up on a blow-up obstacle course.

Can’t wait to see all our InF #FriendsWithRobots as well as hangout with a few of my favorites from FiM! Truck Town Thunder 68 and Holland Christian 107 will be there! And I’ve heard a rumor that an awesome person from Michigan will be making an appearance too, to visit some of her teams in Indiana.

I’ll be watching the webcast this morning. See you soon!

Does anyone have the link to the webcast?