2015 Inspection Checklist?


I was reading the game manual when I saw a reference to the 2015 Inspection Checklist that will be posted during build season. Does anyone know where this checklist can be found?


I have found the inspection checklist:

This is not the checklist you are looking for.

(You have found a safety checklist, comprised of guidelines for safe practices at an event. You seem to be looking for the inspection checklist, which summarizes the robot rules and prompts a robot inspector to consider those items.)

Al or whoever will post it probably between this upcoming weekend and the next.

Watch here; you’ll know it when you see it.

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wrote to our state person, so hope to hear back soon…looks like an oversight in Section 4 of the game manual, for sure

It’s always posted in the middle of build season. We talked about it at LRI training and they said sometime in the last half of build season. I would guess we would see it in the next week. There isn’t much use in posting one on Kickoff that has to be changed 8 times during the season. That just leads to people have an incomplete understanding of the rules.