2015 IRI Pit Layout


2015 IRI Layout.pdf (68.7 KB)

2015 IRI Layout.pdf (68.7 KB)

1625 is going to be a little lost, I think–they show up twice in the pits. (Once in the gym, next to 1619, and once in the hallway between 469 and 2056.)

4039 appears to be missing.

How are the robots supposed to leave the field on the blue side? They cannot cross the bump. You need to rethink the flow.

4039 - our error. They will be in the hallway by 2056

We will work out the robot flow as we set up the field.

Will the silent auction be located in its normal place?

Shoot! We only have 2 pits. Were going to need 3 though…:rolleyes:


Your team is ridiculous

Is this a freshmen hazing, 2137 doesn’t get a pit?
That better be some good corn.

That may have been the case two years ago.

Oh no. We’ve been uninvited… The pit people are always the first to know.

Opps, I see this is the 2015 pit map, that the IRI website linked too… The freshmen hazing continues. . . :slight_smile: