2015 IRI Rule Changes - Final Update

“Final” version of IRI rules updates.

Minor error corrections and clarification of extra Recycling Container placement and protection of center Recycling Containers.

A copy will be provided to each team at the IRI.

Any added clarifications will be made in the Driver’s Meeting on Friday AM.

IRI Team Update 14 JUL 2015 C.pdf (587 KB)

IRI Team Update 14 JUL 2015 C.pdf (587 KB)

May the robot be supported by the additional recycling containers at the start of the match?

be contacting and supported by a ROBOT or ROBOTS.

Just to clarify, we can be possessing the RC’s of the ground before the start of the match?

Anyone else excited to see what wave is going to do with a fourth recycling can in their possession?

Does anyone know if there will be practice matches either Thursday night or Friday morning?

Does anyone know if there will be practice matches either Thursday night or Friday morning?

There are no practice matches. I believe there is a time on Friday morning to allow robots to test connection to the field.

**No. There is no change to this rule:
G7 When placed on the FIELD for a MATCH, each ROBOT must be:

A. .in compliance with all ROBOT rules

B. .fully supported by the floor, SCORING PLATFORM, and/or SCORING PLATFORM ramps on their ALLIANCE’S side of the FIELD, and

C. completely outside of their AUTO ZONE and LANDFILL ZONE.


There are no practice matches. Come ready to play.

There will be time for connection checking and teams are strongly encouraged to confirm field connection before their first match.

I’m sort of confused how the new update of G21-1 differs from the old updated rule… Is the new update for teams that accidentally touch the cans on the left but don’t obstruct the other alliance from getting the cans? Or is there something I’m missing that the new update offers? Thanks.

It allows for robots that use the center of the field to reach around the cans to not get penalized for crossing slightly over the mid-line. Think like a one-armed 610.

Ok, thanks for getting back to me, forgive my ignorance (this will be my first IRI) but is there a practice field / area? Thanks.

Any update’s on when the (preliminary) match schedule will be available?

There will be a full field (minus electronics) set up next to the pit area.


The prime change is in the blue box. Don’t mess with or be near the other RCs, or you will be penalized. We are trying to keep the rule simple, and make the intent very clear.

It will be posted Wednesday am and assuming all 67 teams arrive that will be the final schedule.

Now part of me wishes we should’ve applied for IRI…

Oh well, I’m still excited for all these crazy robot upgrades! :smiley:

Any idea when this will become available?

And could someone post it on CD?