2015 LabVIEW Expiration Date

I noticed when installing LabVIEW that it said we have 302 days remaining on the license. Is that accurate? Will it stop working in November and December? I often offer programming courses then.

The documentation all states that the license is good till Jan 31st of the following year. You’re right though. My install from last night also says it has an expiration of November 3rd. I think this is something to bring up with FRC KoP support. Possibly once things calm down there slightly.

Hi Russell and Kevin,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will be looking into this as soon as possible. I have private messaged both of you asking for your serial numbers so that we can look into this further on our end. Please do not post your serial numbers here.


  • Aaron

We have the same issue with all of our installs as well. Please feel free to PM me if needed.

Our team as well has the early expiration date. Feel free to contact me for any information.

James Culp
Team 3389

It seems to have been corrected now.
Check your licenses again.



As of today (January 14th) I just reinstalled LabView on a computer for the team and the expiration is in 293 days. I don’t think it has been fixed.


That’s interesting. My license was for 300 days, then corrected itself while I was fiddling with the installations.

I was setting up laptops for several teams and some of the S/N must have been okay while others had the limitation.

Hi All,

This issue has been resolved. It was discovered that a small percentage of serial numbers had the incorrect expiration date. If anyone sees this issue going forward, please let me know. Thanks!

  • Aaron

I have the same issue. I only have 17 days left on the license (it is October 17), so it seems that the same issue is occurring with me too. Feel free to message me to help resolve this issue. Thanks a bunch!

Hitchhiker - I have private messaged you to send me your serial number, so I can look into fixing this.

I just checked my own license and it looks I might be suffering from the same issue.

Echoing what was said above ^

According to mine, I have 4 days left on my license.

Same for me. I only have 4 days remaining.

If anyone is still seeing this issue, try deactivating and then reactivating the license? If that doesn’t fix it, private message me your serial number and I will look into it.