2015 Lone star Regional

There are 56 teams registered for Lone Star.

57 Leopards Houston, TX, USA
118 Robonauts League City, TX, USA
231 High Voltage Pasadena, TX, USA
441 DEVIL DOGS Houston, TX, USA
457 Grease Monkeys San Antonio, TX, USA
624 CRyptonite Katy, TX, USA
701 RoboVikes Fairfield, CA, USA
1255 Blarglefish Baytown, TX, USA
1477 Texas Torque The Woodlands, TX, USA
1642 Techno-Cats Ft. Worth, TX, USA
2333 Sapulpa Chieftain Robotics Sapulpa, OK, USA
2582 PantherBots Lufkin, TX, USA
2585 Robophiles Bellaire, TX, USA
2587 DiscoBots Houston, TX, USA
2817 Bluff City Bots Memphis, TN, USA
2881 Lady Cans Austin, TX, USA
2882 Nuts n Boltz Katy, TX, USA
2966 Tiger Tech Pharr, TX, USA
3016 T.E.S.L.A. Robotics Houston, TX, USA
3028 Robot Commando Squad Hidalgo, TX, USA
3103 Iron Plaid Houston, TX, USA
3335 Cy-Ranch Cy-Borgs Cypress, TX, USA
3478 LamBot San Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico
3516 RoboChiefs Memphis, TN, USA
3556 GET SMART Lake City, FL, USA
3593 INVICTUS Tulsa, OK, USA
3612 GearHogs Springdale, AR, USA
3728 Iron Panda Houston, TX, USA
3735 Klein Bots Klein, TX, USA
3741 CORE G IX Rio Grande City, TX, USA
3834 Crab-bots Port Lavaca, TX, USA
3961 MBA Execs Memphis, TN, USA
3991 KnightVision Baton Rouge, LA, USA
3997 Screaming Chickens San Antonio, TX, USA
3999 Shadetree Robotics Killeen, TX, USA
4076 CODE ‘N’ Robotics Justin, TX, USA
4155 SHARC Houston, TX, USA
4295 Robohkihn - Hudson Hudson, TX, USA
4328 Furious Falcons Richmond, TX, USA
4587 Jersey Voltage Houston, TX, USA
4589 AdamasBots Houston, TX, USA
4610 BearTecs Bastrop, TX, USA
4639 RoboSpartan Katy, TX, USA
4721 Tiger Bots Memphis, TN, USA
4731 MONARCH-E Morelia, MIC, Mexico
5070 Gearnotics Houston, TX, USA
5261 Summer Creek Robotics Houston, TX, USA
5414 Pearadox Pearland, TX, USA
5415 Bears Mexico City, DIF, Mexico
5416 TaRDIS Katy, TX, USA
5427 Tompkins Robotics/Steel Talons Katy, TX, USA
5469 FLARE Orange, TX, USA
5503 Smithville Tiger Trons Smithville, TX, USA
5566 Sugar Rush Sugar Land, TX, USA
5572 ROSBOTS San Antonio, TX, USA
5769 Radio Rangers R^2 Santa Fe, TX, USA

Of those 56 teams, we have 9 rookies that are showing up with 2 Rookie All-Star awards, 2 Highest-seeded Rookies, and a Rookie Inspiration award between TaRDIS (5416 RAS and Highest Seed - Bayou), Bears (5415 Highest Seed and Inspiration - Mexico City), and ROSBOTS (5572 RAS - Alamo).

Beyond that we’ve been fortunate to get a good look at a bunch of teams already:
The Robonauts will look to continue their 5 year streak of winning LSR and extend their 9 (I think?) regional event win streak.

CRyptonite will also be looking to have a perfect “Regional” season after being regional winners at Dallas and Utah.

Jersey Voltage will be looking to show of their teamtether improvements they had working by the end of Bayou and have a strong start at LSR.

Discobots (who picked Jersey Voltage as alliance partners at Bayou) also had a great showing at Bayou and I’d expect to see good stuff from them.

Kleinbots and Leopards had a successful Dallas event which seems forever ago in Robot days and I’m sure they have not been sleeping since then.

Blarglefish was quiet (or perhaps just underranked) but very consistent totestacker at Lonestar, usually clearing out half the landfill.

Grease Monkey’s were capping well in the Alamo playoffs.

I also look forward to seeing High Voltage’s robot after they spent much of Alamo getting it ready for prime time.

Lambots finished the day ranked 2nd at Mexico City and will be bringing their high energy cheering to Lonestar

Ladycans also were able to put up a stuffed capped stack at Dallas and will be looking to show that off at LSR.

Pearadox is looking forward to our first official competition! We put together a list on twitter that has 35 of the 56 LSR teams - this list will only have tweets from teams attending LSR. Check it out and subscribe to it: https://twitter.com/FRC5414/lists/lonestar-2015

Looking forward to some great competition. What else did I miss??

EDIT: changed 55 to 35. Included list of teams attending

Great analysis of the Regional !

The 441 Robot really had some impressive engineering work at Bayou. I’m looking forward to seeing that robot fully functional.

The usual LSR players should improve on their 2nd event:
3103 Iron Plaid , 3335 Cy-Ranch , 3997 Screaming Chickens , 3999 Shadetree

I’m looking forward to the non-Texas teams visiting :
GearHogs 3612 from Arkansas, placed well at Arkansas Regional
Get Smart 3556 from Florida , made the elims at Orlando
KnightVision 3991 from Louisiana , great robot that should have made the eliminations at Bayou.
Invictus 3593 from Oklahoma
The 4 teams from Tennessee ( 2817 Bluff City Bots, 3516 RoboChiefs, 3961 MBA Execs, 4721 Tiger Bots )

No Spectrum 3847 is a major void at the Lone Star Regional. I’m hoping Lone Star moves away from Week 6, too many teams avoid week 6 due to easter weekend. I heard that multiple times from the Gulf coast teams at the Bayou Regional.

how many are there at LSR this year ? (118, 624, 701, 1477, 3103, 5416 , 5572)

Indeed, after a not so perfect start to the season, 3991 looks to make improvements off of last week’s troubles at Bayou. We have some new toys already fixed and ready. (Spoiler alert; we’ll be snatching cans off the step and capping stacks) Other than that, we can’t wait for another exciting event in Lone Star. Speaking for myself, Houston is definitely a second home for me, and having the competition the week of my 18th birthday will make it extra fun for me. Can’t wait to see our Texas friends!!!

Does anyone know if this is the longest streak of consecutive team numbers attending a regional this year (5414, 5415, 5416)?

I remember when I got started as a student in 2005 that 66, 67, 68 were on an alliance at Ypsilanti, and for some reason I just thought that was the coolest thing. Sadly that’s the only example of team numbers I’m aware of that that’s a distinct possibility. It looks like they won’t all be at the same district event this year.

Maybe you’ll get your wish next year? With the NCAA Final Four coming to town Week 6 weekend, LSR might want/have to avoid Week 6.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official rumor from my official source of rumors. I haven’t talked to her about it, just thought about it when I was reminded the NCAA South regional is here this weekend.

Always smart to take the high (safe) road!

Some of the Houston teams have made a T-shirt exchange spreadsheet for the Lone Star Regional. Please feel free to add to it.

The Blarglefish were quite happy with our performance at 2015 Alamo, but we’re not satisfied just yet. More improvements will be ready for Lone Star and Champs: Coopertition Tote Delivery (1, 2 or 3 yellow totes), Autonomous Step Dual-Can Grabber, Faster Stacker (up to 4 totes), 2-Can+2-tote+Robot Auton Mode (we did this for every single Q match at Alamo).


I know official Competition starts tomorrow, but does anyone know if there is going to be a WEB broadcast of the regional. I have been to all the usual sites and No One list LoneStar. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


“A Mentor out of Town”

Anybody know what’s up at Lone Star? According to TBA, it says that a few teams have only played 3 matches, including 624 who is currently ranked 3rd.

They did some replays at the end of the day and 624’s average went up quite bit… 139 I think… still 3rd but very close to our 140 average.

There is a bug in FMS that causes the score to not be correct when a team is in a match with a field fault. Basically it ignores all matches after the one to be replayed when calculating the score.

Are there any videos available of the playoff matches?

Gods and little fishes but I hope so. It’ll be tragic if no one else gets to see those last three matches

624 has match video of our matches (which means we’ll have the last three, in full field HD as well), we’ll try to upload tonight.

Do the last three first!

Wow! What an amazing regional! You know what they say about Texas… Everything is bigger, including the stacks and scores. It was really inspirational to get to know so many wonderful people and teams. 3467, Lambots won RCA and it was so deserved. Them and the Bears, 5415 - RAS winners, were a fun group to be around and had an all around great performance. We really appreciated all the help from the local teams, including 118, the Robonauts, who lent us a solenoid and fitting for our unused can grabber. We completely forgot to return it and the end of the event… We’ll be sure to get it to you in St Louis. Congrats to them and 624 for pulling off the regional win hat trick this season. Finally i’d like to thank our alliance in playoffs, 4587, Jersey Voltage, and 57, the Leopards. To put up a couple of scores in the 200’s was quite special and semis match 6, was unreal. Hopefully we will see you all again in St. Louis.

Abhishek has been woefully deficient in posting the links to the excellent video they uploaded, so I’ll just leave these here:
Lone Star F1
Lone Star F2

I notice they don’t have SF6 uploaded yet, which they actually lost. I smell a conspiracy… Or a really tired team.

Sorry, I wasn’t the one uploading them. On my WiFi, they’d probably get done in a week. I think Justin got the finals up then went to bed - I actually fell asleep right when I got home :frowning: Thanks for posting the links, I didn’t even know they were done!

SF6 is now up as well it seems.

Wow, what a season for Team 624. We’ve always had an amazing experience at the Lone Star Regional, and we would like to thank all the volunteers, judges, and referees who make it possible.

After being finalists for several years at our home regional, we were ecstatic to be invited to the number one alliance led captained by Team 118, The Robonauts. Despite the similar architectures of our robots, they seemed to complement each other pretty well. We also appreciate all of 3728’s hard work and collaboration in those playoffs matches - we couldn’t have won our first ever Lone Star Regional without the help of the Iron Pandas.

A huge congratulations to the finalists. 701 is a mean green machine, and it’s no mistake they’ve gone far in every regional. 4587 is probably one of the hardest working teams out there. Having gone through a complete rebuild, they’re now looking to make claims for the top ranks of #TeamTether, along with their Dallas counterparts from 148 and 1296. And we are excited for Team 57, who has finally qualified for Champs, with a beautiful intake, that landfill will be gone in no time in St. Louis.

Congratulations to Team 3478, Lambot. The Texas teams appreciate your annual appearance at the Lone Star Regional, and the Chairman’s Award was very well deserved. Your spirit and outreach efforts are second to none, with a beautifully made video to cap it off.

Congratulations to Arthur Purpich on his WFFA, from 3103 Iron Plaid, and Chris Hansen, on his Volunteer of the Year award.

Thank you to Team 1477, Texas Torque. If I ever had to declare a single team as a “class act,” it would undoubtedly be 1477 every year. It’s no surprise as to how strong their program is, and thank Mr. Rip for all his help each year (we won’t forget that coopertition!).

Thanks to all the teams and volunteers for making Lone Star the best regional around, once again!