2015 Main Breaker Problem

Our team has found a problem with our new 2015 main breakers where a slight touch of the red switch will disconnect robot power. We have compared the new breaker with ones from previous years and found we only experience the problem with the one we received this year.

We believe this may be responsible for our robot loosing power while driving over the bump on the field.

Has anyone else had trouble with this?

Yes. We have encountered this problem in the past. Even though the breaker is fully engaged (i.e. pressed all the way in, and positively clicks), if you lightly touch the red button, power will momentarily disconnect. The lever still stays full engaged and clicked in.

We ended up replacing the main breaker as it isn’t a serviceable part.

This is a known defect that crops up on maybe one or two robots each year. Tapping the red button and seeing the leds on the robot blogI off is the give away. Replace it and carry on!

You can drill out the rivets and use this as a teaching aid for your students if you wish.This device is not repairable. Of course, I love to open things so if you would like to send it to me, I can open it and display the fault. In the breakers I have opened over the years, this has usually been a welding fault for the contact that is resistance welded to the bi-metal strip inside the breaker.