2015 MAR Week 1 Hatboro-Horsham District Event Discussion

This is a thread to discuss the Hartboro-Horsham District Event.
Hatboro is 4th highest competitive event with a blue banner quotient of 2.6

These are the attending teams:
11 MORT Flanders, NJ, USA
25 Raider Robotix North Brunswick, NJ, USA
75 RoboRaiders Hillsborough, NJ, USA
102 The Gearheads Somerville, NJ, USA
272 Cyber-Crusaders Lansdale, PA, USA
304 GWHS Robo Griffins Philadelphia, PA, USA
341 Miss Daisy Ambler, PA, USA
357 Royal Assault Drexel Hill, PA, USA
486 Positronic Panthers Wallingford, PA, USA
708 Hatters Robotics Horsham, PA, USA
709 Femme Tech Fatale Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
834 SparTechs Center Valley, PA, USA
1089 Team Mercury Hightstown, NJ, USA
1168 Malvern Robotics Malvern, PA, USA
1218 Vulcan Robotics Philadelphia, PA, USA
1403 Cougar Robotics Skillman, NJ, USA
1640 Sab-BOT-age Downingtown, PA, USA
1647 Iron Devils Tabernacle, NJ, USA
2539 Krypton Cougars Palmyra, PA, USA
2559 Normality Zero Harrisburg, PA, USA
2590 Nemesis Robbinsville, NJ, USA
2607 The Fighting RoboVikings Warminster, PA, USA
2729 Storm Robotics Team Marlton, NJ, USA
3167 Environmental Tectonics Crusaders Philadelphia, PA, USA
3607 TECHNOLOGIC Lambertville, NJ, USA
3637 The Daleks Flemington, NJ, USA
4373 RooBotics Jenkintown, PA, USA
4454 Artisanal Rocketeers Philadelphia, PA, USA
4637 BambieBotz Philadelphia, PA, USA
4954 4-H Palindrome Robotics Townsend, DE, USA
5080 Robot Alchemy Manipulators Wilmington, DE, USA
5113 Combustible Lemons Moorestown, NJ, USA
5181 LaSalle Robotics Wyndmoor, PA, USA
5401 Fightin’ Robotic Owls Bensalem, PA, USA
5404 North Penn Montco Robotics Lansdale, PA, USA
5407 Wolfpack Robotics Conshohocken, PA, USA
5490 Roarbots Bethlehem, PA, USA

Address: 899 Horsham Road Horsham, PA 19044

Good Luck to all of the teams that will be competing!

MAR will be webcasting the Hatboro-Horsham district event on our https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

A group of dedicated volunteers has worked hard this off season to improve our local video production and live web stream quality. We thank them for their efforts.

  • NEW FOR 2015: HD VIDEO AT 1080P!!!

  • Full Field, Red Alliance, and Blue Alliance camera angles

  • Live Scoring Overlay

  • Emcee, Game Announcer, and Game Sounds (Music from the event will not be streamed live)

  • All opening ceremony videos, awards presentations, and Chairman’s award winner videos will be streamed.

Emcee, Game Announcer, and Game Sounds

I’m not getting those, will they be around later, or is it a problem on my end?

Edit: I have sound!

Sorry about the no sound from the start of practice matches through opening ceremonies. Simple mistake on our end, will work to prevent it from happening in the future.

The live stream for day 2 (3/1/15) will be at http://youtu.be/DsTrO2fBa9s.

Please Note: As a result of some bad weather in the forecast for Sunday 3/31, matches ran through match 60 on Saturday 2/28. We will be picking up with match 61 at 8:30AM and continuing through the end of the event.

Here are the alliances for the 2015 Hatboro-Horsham MAR District Event:

Edited with Results:

  1. 1403 - 1640 - 3637 F
  2. 2607 - 2590 - 5407 W
  3. 25 - 1218 - 708 QF
  4. 2729 - 272 - 5181 QF
  5. 2559 - 75 - 304 SF
  6. 1647 - 1168 - 11 SF
  7. 486 - 357 - 341 QF
  8. 834 - 3167 - 1089 QF

We unfortunately had to leave HH competition early. Is there anyone that can post all of the award winners from the competition on this thread? Thank you!!!

Chairman’s Award: 1647
Engineering Inspiration: 11
Team Spirit: 486
Imagery: 272
Creativity: 357
Entrepreneurship: 2729
Rookie Inspiration: 5404
Quality: 1640
Gracious Professionalism: 708
Industrial Design: 1403
Safety: 834
Innovation in Control: 102
Engineering Excellence: 2590
Rookie All-Star: 5407

Here is the video that the Master of Ceremonies at Hatboro-Horsham Week 1 made of all the teams shaking it off on day 1 of the event. Thank you to everyone who came and made this possible. Unfortunately, we were not able to show it before awards like planned, but here it is. MAR Can ‘Shake It Off!’

The Best Dancing Award* is a tie between jazz-hands-team (0:01 - 0:05ish) and the young fellow at the top right who starts around 0:35. Impressive dance moves, overall.

*patent pending

All matches from the event have been broken up and individually posted on YouTube. You can find the playlist here.

Ah! You beat me to it! Thanks for splitting them up.