2015 MARC Stratagy

This is more a sub thread of the MARC thread, but what is your team’s MARC strategy in regards to team member roles?

At 3641, we use the opportunity to allow anyone interested in driving, have a chance to, while keeping at least one member of the season’s drive team in their place. We rotate people through the positions of what they’d like to try through the qualification rounds, giving them a chance to participate in a few real matches in different positions.

What is your team planning to do in regards to team member roles at MARC?

We’ll have students stay in the same role for the duration of the competition, but none of them will be the same as our in season crews.

We have a small team, so we just sign up for enough offseason events that almost the entire team can serve in one of the field crew roles (driver, operator, hp) for one entire event, and a pit crew role for a different entire event.

It worked out well last year as our more reluctant/shy/timid students stayed in the same role long enough to develop confidence. Also, we don’t seem to handle the chaos of rotating roles very well, so switching between events (and doing brief training beforehand) rather than rotating during works out better for us.

We have 14 students wanting to be on the drive team so we will be rotating them through qualification matches. Best performers will be selected for elimination matches. Previous drive team members will not be driving. One of the previous drive team students will act as the coach on the field. We hope this will give everyone a chance to experience the fun and excitement of driving on the game field. - John

1918 is looking forward to attending the MARC again this year. We are bringing only 5 students and two of them are graduates from last years FTC team. We will rotate them them through the rolls on the drive team. Our driver from last season has graduated and will be there as field coach. We are going to focus on practicing basic drive skills. If we make it to the playoff’s the best combination will be on the field.

74 is looking forward to MARC. Our whole drive team graduated this year so we will be running a new one. I like off-season events because you can relax and just have fun.

We have the upcoming season’s drive team - for MARC, Kettering, and WMRI - so that they are well-practiced by the time the season starts.

Last year, that meant a brand new drive team. This year, we have last year’s driver, a new operator (our old HP), and a backup HP who has never been on the field before. Same drive coach. :slight_smile:

Hello! This is what our team did. We had whoever wants to be on the drive team test out the robot and do human player/operator. Then we came up with 4 different drive teams and we are going to keep cycling between them.

When I was on 1023 (2009-2012), we had those who wanted to drive at MARC sign up for different roles, and then gave them some drive practice at home to get them familiar with the controls. We randomly paired students together for quals to see who worked well together. For Finals we either used the best pair of new drivers, or the seasoned drivers. Either way most everyone who wanted to drive got a chance.