2015: Mecanum or Slide?

For 2015, which would you choose?

swerve. agility is ever more important the more confined you are and you have that bump to deal with

i think slide because you need to be fast

Tank drive.

*another option



Are you suggesting this is a viable option for the game this year? Or just opening our eyes to other configurations that should be considered? (because you just opened mine…)

Because at first glance this looks easy to implement mechanically, not so sure if it is for programming, but you basically laid out the kinematics.

Plus there is no drivetrain arms race in the game this year, so traction and power aren’t as important as it has been in the past.

No. Just tossing it out there to show that the “mecanum or slide” choice is a false dichotomy.

For more info, follow the link to Jared Russell’s post.

Personally, I would prefer a slide drive. It grants the most mobility at the least amount of complexity. It can be mechanically implemented similarly to a tank drive (save for the sideways mobility wheels), which is a style of drive train that Team 20 is accustomed to. Also, it still has more traction than mechanum, which may come in handy on the slick HDPE scoring zones.

Just my 2 cents

what is “slide”? never heard of that one

Ok that makes good sense. Thanks, your opinion is highly valued and thought you might have been on to something!

Me neither but check out http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96193

While you’re waiting for an answer, try searching. It’s easy.


VEX Teams also call them H drives.

I would go with slide because it provides maneuverability and speed but doesn’t have the problems with balance that mecanum does. it would take a lot of engineering to make sure that the entire robot is balanced both with and without the totes on it.

Why would slide necessarily be faster than mecanum?

In what way is slide less complex than mecanum?

The key to a proper mecanum isn’t a perfectly balanced robot, it’s a suspension system. have each wheel be able to bounce up and down and you’re set. Once you’ve finished that, programming is almost simply than skid steer code.

Slide. Since pushing power isn’t very important this year slide allows teams to only use 3 motors and gain holonomic motion. It’s simpler to understand and program as well, and it can be designed lighter than a mecanum drive since it only requires 3 gearboxes.

Not quite. You actually need a keyring full of keys.


Our team is doing the final design matrix to choose this tomorrow. I personally favor slide, as it has all of the advantages of mecanum with the speed of tank drive. Only problem is weight…

Do you mean weight in comparison to mecanum or in general? I’m trying to see what why a slide drive would be so heavy.

4 wheels
4 gearboxes

~5 wheels
~3 gearboxes

Does a wheel weigh similarly as a motor and gearbox?