2015 MRI

As MRI is just around the corner, I was wondering who is in this year? FireBears do you have a list that you could post?


I know that we will most certainly be attending!

2052 Knightkrawler will be in attendance as well. We may even be entering a second robot that we’ve been working on as a summer project :slight_smile:

4536 will be coming to MRI 2014. I hope that we will be coming to MRI 2015 as well, but I think that a thread about it now might be a little premature. :wink:

2175 will also be there, possibly with our practice bot as well if there are enough spots.

3883 will most likely grace you all with our attendance.*

*just kidding. everyone else’s attendance will grace us.

4215 might be going. When is the registration deadline?

I think it already passed. Check their site or email the team to make sure though.

I heard the event was completely full, with 30 teams and possibly even a wait list! It should be a good time! 2177 will, of course, be there!

My team will for sure be attending!! We are looking forward to an awesome competition!

Well, we are attending - but we are in a bit of a pickle. Our robot is severely damaged and not certain if we can get it up and running on time.

We used our robot in our Becker Freedom Days parade and set our tension (speargun tubing) as high as we ever had it to fire off Tee Shirts, candy, etc. We ended up destroying the catapult and in the process may have damaged some of our electrical components.

Since we graduated most of our shop detail and much of our leadership from the last two years, it will be a struggle to get this up and going. Time for the newbies to step up I guess!

I hope your robot gets up and running before then. It was one of my favorite MN robots from last year.

Best of luck to you guys!

I’ll fix it on Saturday when I come home :smiley:

Bring it, even if it’s broken. We’ll get it fixed one way or another, and it’ll give your new students a taste of what it really means to be in FIRST! If you identify any control system components that need to be replaced ahead of time, let me know and I’ll find replacements for you. We probably have them sitting around our shop collecting dust anyways :slight_smile:

3883 is in a similar pickle. I have no idea what the specifics are, but I do know our catapult is faulty right now. I really hope you guys get your robot up and running, it was great competining both with and against you. :smiley:

*but yes! we are going! I wasn’t too sure we were last post.

3883 and 4607,
Let us know how we can help :smiley:

Please let us know if it is still not working correctly on the 11th! We have lots of extra parts and would love to help get your robot up and running again! We actually damaged our robot severely during our regional competition (bent the catapult shaft) so I know it can be stressful, but try not to worry too much. I’m confident you will have a working robot to compete with.

MRI scholarships are UP and due Oct 6! This year they’re only open to seniors and are $500 each for two people. There doesn’t seem to be an essay question word limit if you fit it all within the page. >: )
Good luck!!!

CyBears 4859 from Byron will be there, but as of Saturday, there are major issues with the control system. We are looking to borrow replacement cRio, modules, and/or DSC prior to arriving to see if the problem can be resolved. The DSC status light flickers wildly when we enable and motors generally don’t turn when commanded to do so… but sometimes they do…

Sorry to hear your team is having troubles. Was there an incident that caused these issues or did they just show up? I’m sure you have checked already, but here are some suggestions:
Make sure the 3 lights on the PDB are green as well as the 3 lights on the DSC. Make sure the cRio is isolated from the chassis and that the ribbon cable to the sidecar is not damaged and seated properly. Verify that the modules are seated in the correct cRio slots and that there are no bent pins. Try systematically unhooking components until normal operation occurs.
The next step would be to swap out components. Please PM me in regards to this.