2015 MSC?

Will the 2015 MSC still be at EMU? According to the event page, the venue is still being determined, but the reason I asked was because this morning on the MSC Facebook event, FIRST in Michigan removed EMU as the location, but it still lists EMU as the locationin the short event. Does anyone know if the delay in announcing is because the venue is unconfirmed, or are we going somewhere else for MSC?

They may be looking for a larger venue to host more teams. Otherwise, it’s possible that all 64 MSC competitors could make it to worlds.

The FiM website now shows the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids as the venue for MSC.

Gail’s email today confirms that location and says MSC will host “approximately” 102 teams.

Any firm info on how it will be structured? One or two fields? What sort of eliminations? How many matches per team?

60-some teams will move on to the Championship. I hope at least that many make it into eliminations in some way, shape, or form. Perhaps we will have two divisions and 4 team elimination alliances (like at champs) with a mini-Einstein to determine the overall champions. That would involve 64 teams.

Just as it seems division size will likely get smaller at the FIRST Champs, the State Championship is growing to over 100 teams. :ahh:

I’m not sure if it would happen this year, but I think two 60 team divisions for MSC would be a lot of fun.

From what I know, two fields one full event. No divisions.

The setup is 2 fields and one division. There will 102 teams. It will be held at the DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids. We are still working out the details with FIRST as to what the eliminations will be.

Well if you do two fields that alternate like in FTC so as soon as one field ends the match starts on the other you could just have the standard elimination format. Even if the fields run simultaneously you could still do the standard elimination format. The only issue with that would be if one field were to get significantly behind the other forcing teams to play in matches too close to each other when one of their matches on the field that is behind precedes the field that is on time or at least less behind. I would think that alternating fields would work well and there would always be action since reset on one field can happen when the other field is playing.

My other question is how are they going to make things work on the technical side of house? Having robots jump back and forth between fields in the current system isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

I believe they are having new FMS this year, maybe it’s integrated into that?

The FMS as we know it (2014 Version) is capable of supporting teams on multiple fields. You would just need to copy the Passkeys (WPA Keys) from one field and put it on the other. If I remember correctly this is how you are able to communicate on the practice field at CMP for 2013 and 2014. The only problem that I can see is the publishing of scores to FIRST and the ranking system, since it is not designed for two fields like FTC.