2015 North Carolina Regional

It was an awesome event and we’d like to thank our amazing alliance partners The Gorillas and The Hitchhikers.

Some interesting facts:
-This is the first time that an all NC Alliance has won the event
-All 6 teams in the finals were North Carolina Teams
-All 6 teams in the finals had students as coaches (I can not independently confirm this but I was informed by one of the LRIs that this was true and I trust him implicitly).

Thank you to all of the teams at the event. It was a blast. I can’t wait to see what districts bring next year.

Big THANK YOU to Team 1225, The Gorillas, for picking us to join them on the #1 alliance, and then to Team 900, The Zebracorns, for joining us (I still don’t understand how y’all weren’t picked yet, but I’m glad we got together). It was an incredible ride through eliminations and I couldn’t be happier about the outcome.

Congratulations to Team 3506, Team YETI, on their Chairman’s Award win – a very well deserved victory. And a big congratulations to the rookie team we helped start over the summer, Team 5511, Cortechs Robotics, on their Rookie All Star Award win.

Team 2059 is looking forward to meeting all the amazing teams in St. Louis in just a few short weeks!

Neither do I… I heard that one of you two had a scouting sheet with “sleeper pick” written on it next to us. I’d love to have a photo of that.

Team 3971 - Kai Orbus may not be able to “redeem” their wild-card invitation to Championship due to funding. I’d really hate to see this awesome group miss out on that opportunity. I am trying to find some way to help them out, and have heard from 2655 earlier who wants to help too. They don’t know I’m asking this, so at least for now, if anyone has any ideas please send me a PM and I’ll pass on whatever we can all come up with to their mentors.

I’d really love to see all six teams be there to represent NC.

900 is happy to help in whatever way we can. We’re renting and/or buying a trailer so we can help with transportation of equipment. One of the mentors on that team, Neal, is just an amazing person and was very kind to us throughout the event and helped us resolve some major issues. We’re very grateful.

Could you just slow down and let them jump in as you drive through?

Sure… we can even stop for a second to tie them down nice and secure too! :smiley:

I don’t know if the paper still exists (or that we have a picture) but I can confirm that we had that written on our scouting sheet. We knew what y’all were capable of doing, and that, really, you were the ideal partner for us, but we also knew there was no way you wouldn’t be picked by the time it came back around. Guess it was our lucky day!