2015 North Star Regional

Didn’t see a thread for North Star, so feel free to discuss the event here! Very excited to see all of the great teams in Minneapolis this weekend.

Does anyone know the link for the live stream?


We’ve pretty much been using this thread for the same function, but this works too.

Not to bring up a dead thread, but I lost my cards I had for contact information of the teams from China who came to visit. (Stargazer, BOLT-ZAP, and Prototype). Does anyone know anyone with this? I know Stargazer had little cards with their emails on it.

And as always! Many congrats to all winning teams! You all played amazingly, and it was fun to see it all from the field again (I was running flags Fri/Sat with some volunteer students from 2220 and field resetting). FMS may have been a bit silly, but I hope all teams had fun.

3883 is flattered to have won the Gracious Professionalism award, and I’m personally already looking for ways to improve.

The Iron Lions would like to thank our alliance for some really great Elimination matches. 5576 is on their way to being a top Iowa team. They planned on having a defensive robot before the season started but clearly that was not an option once the animation was played. They were a very impressive team.
2531 was very easy to communicate with and really knew the game well. They always managed to get their stack and made good calls when things went wrong.
Great Job to the winning alliance of 2826, 3130, and 2491. You guys were 2 stacks ahead of everyone else and it was amazing to watch.

The entire regional was very well organized and all of the volunteers did a great job of keeping the students in mind while also making things quick and fair.

I would say this was a great first run for our students.

On day one, our drivers were not wanting to go back out after the initial practice run. It took some encouragement at first to get them to try again, but by the second half of the day after finishing runs they were meeting by themselves to draw out ideas to do better next time. I got to stand back a lot and watch them do their thing.

That’s a huge win in my book.

Also, thanks to so many teams that stopped by to help and complimented our design and efforts. I could see it make a huge difference to the students.

Does anyone know where I can find video of the top half of our robot getting ripped off?

I heard there were quite a few ball bearings from that last Susan floating around in your robot after that!

And congrats on the creativity award - we don’t see that go to rookies too often, but it was definitely well deserved!