2015 Oklahoma Regional

FIRST once again returns to the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City for the 2015 edition of the Oklahoma Regional.

Entry List as of 3/24/15 61 Teams

  1. 31
  2. 932
  3. 1209
  4. 1296
  5. 1448
  6. 1561
  7. 1742
  8. 1750
  9. 1775
  10. 1806
  11. 2004
  12. 2165
  13. 2333
  14. 2341
  15. 2352
  16. 2354
  17. 2359
  18. 2373
  19. 2382
  20. 2388
  21. 2395
  22. 2398
  23. 2424
  24. 2461
  25. 2723
  26. 2765
  27. 2773
  28. 2795
  29. 2950
  30. 2986
  31. 3152
  32. 3160
  33. 3163
  34. 3169
  35. 3172
  36. 3179
  37. 3247
  38. 3457
  39. 3465
  40. 3498
  41. 3507
  42. 3593
  43. 3660
  44. 3798
  45. 3931
  46. 4005
  47. 4298
  48. 4522
  49. 4523
  50. 4612
  51. 4933
  52. 4959
  53. 5001
  54. 5006
  55. 5098
  56. 5548 R
  57. 5550 R
  58. 5578 R
  59. 5611 R
  60. 5621 R
  61. 5730 R

5 States are going to be represented at the event, with teams from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

There will be 6 rookie teams at the event.

This is a later event in the season, and many of the teams have competed outside of Oklahoma. There are 3 teams coming to Oklahoma already qualified for an invitation to St. Louis (932, 1296, 1806). That means an even better chance for wildcards to be in play at the event.

Stream: TBA

I believe 932 has also qualified already so there should be 3 wild cards up for grabs.

Ah, yes, EI in Dallas, I must have missed that.

I’m interested to see what 1296 and 1806 have done since their last regional. Have they added an autonomous, made things faster, or even changed a whole sub system? Going to be a great weekend and a battle between these teams as they score about the same amount who ends up first seed and do they pick each other?

We’ve tried a bunch of new things… guess we will have to see if any of them actually work :wink:

Tornado sirens going off during load-in on Wednesday evening - exciting regional already!

Just FYI about what’s going on Friday evening near downtown OKC:

#1 Free baseball game at the Bricktown Ballpark. Mount St. Mary (home of Atomic Shock 2723) versus OCS. 7pm

#2 H&8th – gourmet food trucks (over 30, yummy) and live music. On Hudson between NW 6th and NW 9th. It’s usually a packed - more so as it gets later in the evening. 7pm to 11pm http://www.h8thokc.com/

#3 NCAA Women’s basketball tournament at the Chesapeake Arena (across the street - home of the Thunder). Baylor vs. Iowa at 6:30 p.m., followed by Notre Dame vs. Stanford at approximately 9 p.m

Have fun!

The stream isn’t live, whats going on?

Scores are coming through here: http://frc-events.usfirst.org/2015/OKOK/qualifications

I’m watching the score ticker, but does anyone know why the live feed isn’t working? It’s been pretty decent in the past, and it’s frustrating being up at school not being able to watch my alumnus compete.

Hey, just FYI for everyone, stream is up with no audio here: http://www.twitch.tv/stevenbell

It’s watchable and it’s full field. Excellent! No sound - more than a little eerie. FRC without noise scares me. :ahh:

Sorry about the earlier lack of webstream and of sound - this is what happens when you try to run a webcast from a couple thousand miles away. :o The twitch account got blocked for streaming non-gaming content, so we’ll hopefully be live on ustream tomorrow at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/129116. I’ll post an update if something changes.

Again, apologies for the frustration of not having a properly-working webcast when your team is competing. Having been in that situation myself, I can sympathize.

Hey, it eventually got running, so it’s no big deal. Thanks for putting in the time and effort for us to have a stream at all.

Also, will the stream outage have any effect on the matches making it to YouTube at some point?

Webcast is now up and running (with audio this time) at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/oklahoma-city-first-robotics-regional

Also, will the stream outage have any effect on the matches making it to YouTube at some point?

We were able to record from match 33 till the end of the day yesterday, and will eventually get those on youtube/TBA, but unfortunately, no, we don’t have the video from the morning.

Well congrats to 1806 very great showing to them, very surprised by them not picking 1296. Very impressed by how 1296 came back after the last 3 matches of Friday. Very good 2nd pick. Impressive how a 2nd pick scared scream into not can grabbing during auton. Looked like both teams were working on(or talked about working on) a three tote auto. Hope to see them for worlds! Great and intense finals!

Our bin grabber (aka “Freddy Krueger”) was pretty terrifying.

Thanks, we were trying to keep thing interesting by not picking 1296, and also make sure some of our friends from Missouri earned some well deserved spots to St. Louis. 1296 really came out blazing, and we were very scared that they might just run away with it. We discussed the tug-a-war scenario, but decided that we didn’t need to try to race for that RC as long as we got 2 of them. We worked on a 3 tote Auto, and while we had something that had been tested on the practice field some hardware issues were keeping it from being 100% effective by the time the regional started. We continued working on it throughout the regional, and with a new gyro hope to have it up and running for worlds.

In all fairness the two of us would have had a real struggle finding totes to score! We each did a number on those feeder station stockpiles.

In the end I think it was better for the fans. Those finals matches were real nail-biters! And to top it off all 6 finals teams have tickets to St. Louis anyways.

We came hoping for another win but we aren’t disappointed with our performance. We are in the process of souping our robot up for champs and this was a chance to get some of those changes flushed out (look at our friday scores compared to saturday haha). We went from 4 5-stacks (3 with can) at Alamo to 5 5-stacks (4 with can) fairly reliably. The two things really killing us is our lack of auto and our absence of co-op points.

Awesome job to 1806, 4522, and 932 for assembling a very impressive alliance just too good to out-do.

Also thanks to 1775 and 3507 for the impressive numbers we put up aswell. (EDIT: sorry about the wrong numbers. My bad I am tired)

Congratulations to 5730 and 5006 for EI and RAS and 932 for Chairman’s.
Also Congratulations to Ann Fairburn for Woodie Flower’s!

We will see yall in St. Louis!

What a weekend! This was our third regional this year and we are so happy that we earned our spot at the Championships.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with our friends 1806 and 932.

A huge congrats to the finalist alliance of 1775, 1296, and 3507. Those finals matches were so intense and I am glad that we put on a good show.

I was also especially proud of our other young Missouri teams who were doing so well! Congrats to 5098 for such a great competition! Congrats to 5730 on their RAS award.

Team 4959 made huge improvements as well! They were ranked 50th in KC and were an alliance captain here and also won the Judges Award!

This was a fantastic event. Congrats to all the teams and we will see you in St. Louis.