2015 Palmetto Regional

So I believe it’s time, you know, for the best annual thread of the year. Welcoming and starting the conversation about the largest annual week 1 regional in the world, the Palmetto Regional! :smiley: :smiley:

Teams Attending:

Frank Lanford’s announcement at Kickoff was that there would be multiple practice fields at this year’s event and with that info I’m even more pumped up!

I know 4901 is excited to be heading to our second Palmetto Regional after our successful season last year. With a larger team and even stronger robot we hope to help raise the competition level to even greater heights!

How is your team doing? Are you excited about this year’s event? Let’s hear it!

Team 1261 is pumped to return to Palmetto after such a great year last year! The robot is progressing really well and the business and scouting teams are working hard to get ready.

Super excited to go back to competition! Best of luck to all the teams there. Feel free to stop by our pit if you ever need anything! :slight_smile:

Mackenzie Glaser
Team 1261

Can anyone say definitively if there will be a team social Friday evening? There has been nothing in either of the “email blasts.” Our Logistics gang is trying to finalize plans, and we always enjoy the team gatherings - so we don’t want to miss out if there will be one.

Woo!! We’ll be there. John, I’ll have to meet up with all the old 1102 faces :smiley:

Pretty excited for our team’s first out-of-state regional, and with the craziness that was Palmetto last year, I hope it lives up to the hype;)

900 Will be there… hopefully with a robot too. :wink:

I’ve heard nothing on the social either…but everything else I’ve heard thus far (including some things I’m sworn to secrecy on) have been very promising. Hopefully we can keep the streak going of pulling off the first match in the world again this year!

422 signed up for a Week 1 event for the 4th time in 7 years because I am a glutton for punishment. See you cool cats in a couple weeks.

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I probably wouldn’t entertain Week 1 if it weren’t Palmetto. The Palmetto crew has done a lot to wash the sour taste of also-Week-1 Bayou 2010 out of my mouth, but frankly a couple weekends off never hurt anybody either.

But it’s the home event, and we’re ready to get a USC-backed team into the Palmetto finals again. Time to get this thing! :slight_smile:

3824 is pumped to be attending Palmetto again. This will be our third year in a row - the venue is great and we love the unknowns of a week 1 event!

Team 836, The RoboBees are thrilled to be coming back to Palmetto! We really enjoyed our trip there in 2013! We loved the people, the teams, the venue, and the weather was pretty nice, too!

See you all in 2 weeks!


I am the Game Announcer and asked the Regional Chairman.

There is not going to be a team social on Friday.
There may be some refreshments after the closing ceremonies on Friday, but no “social” (party) as we have had at other regionals.

I was reviewing the Palmetto teams for 2015 and see that all 3 teams from last year’s winning alliance are returning to defend their title.

4935 T-Rex
1261 Robo Lions
3824 HVA RoHAWKtics Undefeated in 2014 and #1 seed.

Is it true that you were undefeated last year at Palmetto?

Billfred is modest.:wink: :wink:
He will be doing tag-team announcing this year.
Can’t wait to hear his voice raining down on the robots!!!

Glad to see the champions return.
Hopefully I won’t call you the Robo Loins again…

Yes! :slight_smile: Palmetto 2014 was an awesome weekend for our team.

In 2013 we were finalists. We were on an alliance captained by Team 836, the RoboBees - and we are excited to see that they are coming back to Palmetto this year!

I pointed it out to John yesterday afternoon–undefeated should be pretty darn easy this year. Just go 2-0 in the finals!

As Barry mentioned, I’ll be getting in the mix on game announcing while splitting some time with 4901. If you told that to 17-year-old me in the stands at the Colonial Center, he would never believe it. :slight_smile:

(Okay, so that was the same 17-year-old me that thought window motor drive had a legitimate chance…)

It looks like a good group is going this year. I know 1261 can’t wait to socialize with everyone in the stands and in the pits. It’s going to be a great season!

Quick question: Does anyone know what the dimensions for the practice fields will be? Will they be full width? I am totally not asking for strategic reasons ;).

Team 343 Metal in Motion is excited about heading down to Myrtle Beach this weekend with our robot Arm-Strong v. 2.0. We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.