2015 Pre-IRI Event Scouting

Hey guys. I made a pre-scouting sheet for the fun of it. As we are closer to the event, I want this database to have its own stream so I can update some data. Some of you may have seen older versions of this on other streams. It includes lots of data! Using Ed Law’s (Coach for 2834) Scouting Database and The Blue Alliance, I was able to make this sheet. It includes every team that was invited to IRI with the exceptions of those who declined to come. I will update it if any other teams decline.

I want the most up to date data for teams. I would really like if someone from each team could PM me with update. I already had 1 team PM me with an update. Please PM me or comment in the stream with update. I would like teams to be able to use this if they can’t bring a big team for scouting or to use this as a secondary source for scouting.

If you have any suggestions on what to add, just comment in the stream. I will re-upload if I add or edit anything. If I am capable of doing it, I will add whatever suggestions you have. Thanks and enjoy!

Update 7/6/15: All teams that have declined are off of the sheet. Took away off season event data. Not enough off season events have data. I added a section called “visual scouting”. It has lots of cool data I think. A lot of the contribution ranks are sort of theoretical and are based on if every team played like they did at worlds, had equal schedules, and have the same drivers. So don’t take those ranks super seriously. Some divisions were hard to scout do to little matches on blue alliance so. If you disagree with any of my data or you have data in places that I have no data for that team, please PM me or comment in the stream. Enjoy!

Update 7/6/15 I just formed a google sheets version for updates. I will comment on this stream if I update anything on this sheet. I will still periodically put on excel updates for users like me that enjoy excel more.


where did you find the world rank? do you have a link?

Here is the link to Ed Law’s scouting data base


Go to the bottom of his documents (Not the bottom of the page) and download the document that says this “Team_2834 2015_Scouting_Database Championship v2.xlsm” there should be a tab that is labeled “World Rank” I like this database a lot.

For something like this google sheets is much better suited, even if you don’t allow editing permissions (but you could, and have teams fill in some of their own stuff). You don’t have to keep uploading revisions, and we don’t have to keep downloading them.

I added the link for google sheets as well. Here it is again. I have now updated 107’s data do to new data.

I’ve added some more info to the first page. This will also be one of the last calls for teams that want to update there info. I want to ask teams on Thursday night certain questions so I’d like this to be near final. Thanks for the data too.

We can use upside-down cans (did it at Newton on one occasion). Does that count as up-righting? And we can cap 6-stacks.

No but that does count for your orientation. I will make that edit. Many teams only can use the cans with the top facing up like our team. That’s why teams up-righting cans is so important for us. I will make that edit. Thanks

Thanks for editing. Mind telling me when IRI is? :yikes:

EDIT: What is CCWM?

We can upright cans and build a full stack in the landfill.

Was the IRI date sarcasm? lol. It’s the 16th-18th.

CCWM stand for calculated contribution to winning margin. Don’t ask me how to calculate it because I have no idea. I believe it is a matrix like OPR. Anyway, it calculates defense and offense but since there was very little defense to play this year, it is still an accurate representation of offense as well. OPR is still probably more accurate than CCWM for this year

Sweet. I heard about the landfill from Makeshift robotics. Never knew you were able to do that. I will edit that now.

Edit: You guys still do HP as well right? Thanks

Wait… you guys are landfill now?

Hey Guys. I made this summary sheet. This could be used to use during drafting and alliance selection. I hope this is helpful. I will probably use something similar if we end up a captain or first pick. Here is the link for the google doc.

Thanks for viewing. If you have any questions about the doc, the abbreviations, or see that I made a mistake, just post in this feed or PM me.

Two questions:
1.) Whats up with the hashtags and money signs and all that?
2.) Why don’t all of the teams have their stats completed?

I have the teams in order of “Contribution (No Auto)” any of the teams with the same symbols have the same contribution points. Any team with a “!” has 126 points. Therefore, I just put it on the top team with that symbol. Should I Fill out everyone’s points or should i leave it like i have it? Also, the "X"s and "O"s mean yes to different degrees. Blank Means no

5254 has had an interesting array of autonomous modes this year:
At TVR, they had a 610-style 2-can grabber. At FLR, they had no auto. At championships, they added the single can grabber that they used once or twice.

At MidKnight Mayhem a few weeks back, we tested the three tote autonomous program, which worked 5/5 times attempted in qualifications.

20 is working on can grabbers, and has a 3 tote autonomous routine that has never worked once on the real field (despite a multitude of tests), but works near every time on the practice field (so we’ll find out, I guess). We’ve also been changing our teleop routine completely, making 1-2 capped stacks of 6 noodled instead of 1-2 capped stacks of 5.

I appreciate your desire to rank teams by what they’ve done consistently rather than by what they’ve made at maximum, but maybe you should include both their average and maximum.

Sorry. I need some clarification. was it team 20 or team 5254 who had the three tote auto work 5 out of 5 times? Thanks

  1. 20 did not attend MidKnight Mayhem. I should have been more clear.

Haha. No Problem. Thanks for the data