2015 San Diego Regional

399 Eagle Robotics Lancaster, CA, USA
702 Bagel Bytes Culver City, CA, USA
812 The Midnight Mechanics San Diego, CA, USA
841 The BioMechs Richmond, CA, USA
1266 The Devil Duckies San Diego, CA, USA
1538 The Holy Cows San Diego, CA, USA
1572 Hammer Heads San Diego, CA, USA
1622 Team Spyder Poway, CA, USA
1772 The Brazilian Trail Blazers Gravatai, RS, Brazil
2029 Neo-Tech Robotics Ramona, CA, USA
2102 Team Paradox Encinitas, CA, USA
2339 Robolopes Lancaster, CA, USA
2485 WARLords San Diego, CA, USA
2496 Tru Blu Robotics Irvine, CA, USA
2543 TitanBOT Chula Vista, CA, USA
2658 Team Pedestrian San Diego, CA, USA
2827 Crown City Robotics Coronado, CA, USA
2984 The Vikings La Jolla, CA, USA
3021 The Agency Escondido, CA, USA
3128 Aluminum Narwhals San Diego, CA, USA
3255 Super NURDs Escondido, CA, USA
3341 Option 16 San Diego, CA, USA
3453 DEM BOTS Winchester, CA, USA
3470 Cyborg Zombies Temecula, CA, USA
3476 Code Orange Irvine, CA, USA
3491 FUTURE Dinos Holtville, CA, USA
3647 Millennium Falcons San Diego, CA, USA
3704 Robosapiens National City, CA, USA
3749 Team Optix San Diego, CA, USA
3952 DesTROYers Fullerton, CA, USA
3965 Sultans Santee, CA, USA
3967 Trojans Robotics Chula Vista, CA, USA
4014 Top Hat Technicians San Marcos, CA, USA
4078 Warriors La Puente, CA, USA
4139 Easy as Pi San Diego, CA, USA
4160 The Cannons San Diego, CA, USA
4470 TiGears Placentia, CA, USA
4486 Blue Prints Vista, CA, USA
4498 Team X Sacramento, CA, USA
4583 Robosaurus San Diego, CA, USA
4616 Team Pharaohs San Diego, CA, USA
4738 Patribots San Diego, CA, USA
4919 Leodroids Lemon Grove, CA, USA
4984 BULLSEYE Temecula, CA, USA
5025 ENIGMA San Diego, CA, USA
5089 Robo-Nerds Los Angeles, CA, USA
5124 West Torrance Robotics Torrance, CA, USA
5137 Iron Kodiaks San Marcos, CA, USA
5199 Robot Dolphins From Outer Space Dana Point, CA, USA
5209 Rectify San Diego, CA, USA
5430 Pirate Robolution Pittsburg, CA, USA
5474 clairemonster San Diego, CA, USA
5477 Circuit Breakers Vista, CA, USA
5514 MavBots Carlsbad, CA, USA
5627 πrates (Pi-rates) San Diego, CA, USA
5765 ToroBots Los Angeles, CA, USA
5768 Leuzinger Resistors Lawndale, CA, USA
5770 ReMIT Inglewood, CA, USA
5772 The Mighty Morphin Power Bots Los Angeles, CA, USA

Good luck teams! All-California with one great team from Brazil !!!

Looking forward to seeing some great bots and great teams!

2496 Tru Blu is really excited to be playing Recycle Rush again it has been a long while since week 1. Got some small changes to increase our functionality, going to be getting a lot of time practicing on Thursday.

Wildcards for San Diego:
399, 1538, 1572, and 3476

Looking forward to seeing all the teams there.

Does 5430 generate WC as highest Rookie?

No, only Rookie All-Stars unfortunately.

Thanks! I was always wondering about that…

Here’s the official Webcast


Really pumped to compete this weekend with Code Orange.
San Diego is always a fun event, can’t wait to see what’s in store.
Good luck to everyone!

We love when Code Orange is in the house… great bot! Best of Luck to you and all the other local and So Cal teams!

And a shout out to Brazil…time you attempt to get another one to add to your collection…welcome to San Diego!

Code Orange is ready for San Diego, its been about 4 weeks since our last event maybe some things have changed to our bot. ::rtm::

Good Lucky Everyone!

Good Luck! You already have a really nice bot! See you in San Diego on Thursday.

Some of our teams absolute favorite teams are there… good luck to all this weekend.

I’m personally interested to see:

Holy Cows up close with their competition bot… what an amazing robot! (We practiced with that amazing team)…I personally felt so bad you didn’t take that last Regional… the other alliance really stepped things up… kudos to them for finding a way to defeat your amazing alliance. Sure you are gunning for this one too. So are we.

Get to play with Devil Duckies again and their amazing claw. i could get no intel on them until Ventura. They did not dissapoint.

See what improvements Code Orange has…you made my scouting research just now go into overtime with those improvements.

Interested in all the other top “5000 series teams” like 5199 Robot Dolphins from Outer Space they are doing amazing and won Team Spirit also #2 (#245) on my World rank list…Holy Cows are and amazing #31 on that list…in the World!

Also want to see whats up with another 5000 series bot 5124 West Torrance Robotics! Great stats and Finalists.

And also 399 Eagle Robotics is following us around… Great Orange/Purple bot and team…love the dual claw arms…amazing that machine is under 120 its huge! Yet nimble and very effective!

Rounding out the others are the collection “Triple threat” of Teams starting with the word “Team”… Team X, Team Pardox, Team Spyder, joining them are Team Optix, Team Pharos, Team Pedestrian…First three are near top of my scout list. Our mentor Roberta was on team Optix. I guess shes good luck and brought us some of that Paradox vibe!

Oh and lets not forget Hammer Heads already Going to Worlds! They will be tough too and hungry for more.

…and of course returning champs from Brazil… they probably have a great bot too…I would not expect any less traveling that far. And the list could go on and on.

Exciting Times !

Videoes of San Diego Regional Matches showing scores have been posted to YouTube. Final 2 had just a 1 point difference. Who said litter was not important?

Final 1: http://youtu.be/6ecKJZ36HBc
Score: Red 157 points; Blue 126 points. RED Teams (drivers on left): 3255, 399, 2339 vs. BLUE Teams (drivers on right): 3476, 1538, 4486.

Final 2: http://youtu.be/gz1swC7ghBc
Score: Red 187 points; Blue 186 points.
RED teams: Super NURDs, Eagle Robotics, Robolopes. BLUE teams: Code Orange, The Holy Cows, Blue Prints.

There are also Semi-Finals and most Quarter-Finals plus other matches with Team 3476, Code Orange. Video shot by Gary Hedge.