2015 Smoky Mountains Regional

Who is attending this year’s Smoky Mountains Regional?

I, and MARS cannot wait to return to Knoxville again this year. We had a blast last year and we are excited to see some familiar faces again!

Kell robotics 1311 will be there. Excited to meet up with MARS again :slight_smile:

1002 CircuitRunners are excited to travel to Knoxville for our first Smoky Mountains Regional!

RoboLoCo 5338 can’t wait to attend the Smoky Mountains Regional for the first time!!

Tech Fusion, FIRST Team 279 will be making our way down to Tennessee for the first time to compete in the Smoky Mountains regional.
A lot of teams we haven’t played with much before, and we’re very excited to see you all there :]

We’ll be walking just down the road as usual to attend :smiley:

And we can’t wait to see you too!

Team 3824, HVA RoHAWKtics, is excited to play with some great teams in our home town of Knoxville! We’re glad to see some teams from last year come back for another fun Smoky Mountain Regional!

I’ll go ahead and share this in here; our team has put together a list of all the teams attending’s social media outlets with links to their pages and such.

The numbers are a couple weeks out of date and we’ll definitely be revisiting this document in the next week to update those numbers. It also looks like we may be adding more teams since SMR has open slots according to the FRC blog. We use this document and others to help us set goals in social media growth. You can find the document here on Drive.

Also, on practice day our team will be handing out bags to out-of-region (meaning anyone outside of East TN) teams on behalf of Visit Knoxville. The bags will include visitors guides, maps of downtown restaurants, businesses, and trolley stops, and an “Experience Knoxville” card with discounts to restaurants and attractions. We’ll be getting those together next week so if anyone wants more details on that, let me know.

We’re excited to have everyone here in two weeks! The weather has been gradually getting warmer and I personally like downtown best in the spring.

EDIT: I’ve had a couple people contact me; if you want to have something changed or added to that document above, you can PM me on here or use the email below and we’d be happy to take care of it.

Team 3201, Ross Rambotics is looking forward to our trip to Knoxville and hope to make some new friends at the Smokey Mountain Regional!

Team 456, Siege Robotics, is very excited about coming to Smoky Mountain for the first time this year. We are looking forward to seeing some old friends and making new ones!

About time you guys got here! Looking forward to it.

We’re bringing our “Noodle Ninja”.

Drats! Still no match results up for Smoky. Been a rough year for data freaks…

3959 would like to thank everyone involved with SMR. It was a very well run event. We had a great time and plan to make the event part of our yearly competition schedule.

Great appreciation to teams 5338 and 3201. You guys were great alliance partners and we enjoyed working with you very much. We look forward to seeing 5338 again at Championships.

Congratulations to 2614, 3824 and 3492. You put together a really strong alliance. You are all class acts and we were glad to get to know you. Good luck at Championships.

It was really exciting for us to win the Imagery Award.

SMR was great as usual. Look forward to it next year.