2015 South Florida Regional

Everyone excited for this regional? How is everyone expecting it go, considering it’s a week one?

The Ninjineers are getting hyped up for South Florida and ready to bring some serious spirit!

4592, we are also going to be together in Bayou! Now that’s really exciting!!

To the teams attending would you prefer bowling or going to boomers again in Boca for the unofficial team social? Just trying to take a poll or if anyone has other suggestions I am open to them. Since this is 1251’s home regional we are willing to organize and aid the social event in anyway possible.

So to anyone attending South Florida who is interested in trading shirts, I can acquire you 179 or 1523 shirts in any size that you want =) feel free to PM me (Personally i am looking for L and XL but I can get any size)

I never did get a 179 shirt :rolleyes:

Do you already have a 1251 shirt?

I can say that all of team 125 has been waiting to escape our igloo we call a city for this event for a while now. We all head out tomorrow and are stoked.

See everyone in sunny Florida!


You guys missed the flight your robot took.

Not one of the new ones lol what size do you need?

192 will be flying east tomorrow and looking forward to a great Regional. I hope our robot that we shipped early will be there. It would no fun if it is late.:slight_smile:

Is practice day going to be streamed at all?

Has anyone gotten Livestream to run? thebluealliance had the video but the sound was something else (repeating garbled) and nothing comes up in the Livestream event.

TBA is fixed now

Just heard swando asking for comments on the webcast.

The feed quality and all is exceptional. only complaint is lack of real time scoring on the feed during the match. Would be great to see.

May have something along that line tomorrow. Spent all PM hardcoding the Match Results since FMS isn’t

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to post elimination results and awards?

Thanks in advance.


This was a great Regional. The committee ran it smooth as possible and I recommend it to others next year. Thanks to all the teams for a great time.

API for playoffs / awards still isn’t complete.

Complete match results with video can be found at www.RoboVisionOD.com
Currently Awards can be found in the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-j-g-fz-lg?t=3h03m10s)