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Our longest laser job ever at 97 minutes.

To make this, we covered a plywood sheet in masking tape, engraved logos on the laser cutter, spray painted it black, and removed the mask.

More robot information to come shortly…

That is way cool. I assume it holds up really well?

This might be one of the best looking wood robots I’ve ever seen.

cool what kind of laser and material are you using?

Wow wish we had a laser cutter. We barely have a drill so I guess we are pretty far away lol but seriously that looks sick

Trotec Speedy 300. 1/4" Baltic birch plywood.

That looks awesome!

Good use of a mask. That looks great!

A useful product for this is a vinyl sheet of masking material like these: Cutter Pros. You can vector cut the logos and then weed the parts out you don’t want. That would save a little time on engraving.

Another cool way to do that is to engrave the wood and then paint the whole thing. Then run the whole panel through a surface sander or use a palm sander to remove the paint from the non engraved areas. Where you engraved will be recessed so the paint will remain in those areas.